Special Gifts for a Special Guy

Whether you met on the interwebs or in a bar (hey, it happens!), the bottom line is you are smitten. You’ve got a special guy in your life and it’s time to give him a gift. Whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day, the holidays, or just a “You’re Really Awesome Day”, you want this present to be as amazing as he is. Read on for tips for getting special gifts for a special guy. Whatever you do, think outside the (tie) box!

Homage to the Great Outdoors

Is your main squeeze a great outdoorsman? Does he fancy himself the next Bear Grylls? Touch Of Modern has some fantastic gifts for the outdoorsman. From pocketknives and sling packs to the Electric Fat Bike and a double hammock (oh, yeah!), any gift from this site will surely blow his outdoor-loving mind.

If your outdoorsman is into clothes and shoes, he’ll love a gift from REI. They offer great brands like Marmot, Patagonia, North Face, and more. It’s the perfect store for guys who love everything from rock climbing and skiing to biking and snow boarding. And, because it’s a co-op, members get money back from each purchase at the end of the year.

The Gift of Experience

Physical gifts are great, especially if it’s something your special guy has wanted or needed, but it’s hard to beat the gift of experience. Whether it’s tickets to see his favorite baseball game, a weekend trip to Vegas (expensive but worth it!), or a theater outing, the memories you’ll create together will last a lifetime. These are the gifts that go straight to the heart and beg the question, “Hey, will you marry me yet or what?!” Ahem, that is if that’s what you’re seeking. Consider taking photos throughout the night or weekend so you can create him a photo album afterwards that he will always treasure.

Win His Heart Through His Belly

This isn’t meant to be offensive, but men are simple creatures, and most of them will admit that this is so. That’s why a homemade meal is one sure way to win his affections. This is especially true if you and your special guy haven’t been dating that long, as the idea of getting him an expensive gift might seem premature. Find out what his favorite meal is. Whether it’s a simple homemade pizza meal or a 5-course meal that ends in Baked Alaska, it will be nothing short of impressive from his viewpoint. Pair your meal with the perfect wine or craft beer for an extra special evening.

Make Sweet Music Together

If your special guy is a music lover, there are plenty of ways to go with gift giving. Everything from a brand new guitar (not cheap, of course!) and music lessons to his dream Bluetooth speakers and last-minute concert tickets will make his musical heart sing. This is thinking outside the music box at its finest. If he’s an old school music lover, consider getting him something for his super sweet vinyl collection. Whatever direction you choose, he’ll appreciate that you appealed to his life’s passion.

Need a special gift for a special guy? Follow this guide and you’ll be good to go.

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