Gearing Up!

Folks, this is all feeling very surreal… but it’s actually happening.  We’re putting our money where our mouth is and gearing up for some awesome home renovations.

Our floors are in!!! Say what???  You may have thought we would take years to pick one…. well, that’s what I thought at least 😉  But, thankfully the floor choosing process is behind us!


We picked these babies out sight-unseen, talk about freaky right??  But, we knew that these had all the specs we were looking for, so we took a chance, and love them.  They are engineered hardwood in hickory (my favorite!) from Home Depot and are 7″ wide!

We have to wait several weeks before install to let the wood acclimate to the humidity levels of our home.  But, in anticipation of the upcoming install, we made our first major power tool purchase…. A miter saw!  (Actually I’m not even sure if that is classified as a power tool, a power saw maybe?)


At any rate, the hubby is very excited about his new toy and the many chop cuts he will be making in the near future 😉

And finally…. I saved up my fun moneys and got myself… dun, dun, dun dun…..


A DSLR camera!!!!!  I know, super crazy, right???  It’s a Pentax K200d.  I bought it off ebay for a steal and it’s even unused.  It was a display in a store several years ago that closed down; it’s been in storage ever since.  I have zero clue how to use it right now, so I will be glued to the screen watching tutorials this week.  So expect some awesome pics up in here!!! 🙂

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