Eliminating Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review

Could that title be any more appealing?? I know it’s lovely… but it’s a fact of life for me right now. Coming home every night to the welcoming stank of cat pee. But, I am proud to say, no longer does our house reek! After some research, some manual labor, and an amazing product (Kilz Original), our house practically smells like a rosebush (ok, exaggeration, but you get the point). Let’s walk through the process together, shall we?

Rid Your House of the Cat Urine Smell

The very first night we got in the house, we ripped up almost all the carpets.  The smell was so bad we could hardly breath (how did the previous owners do it??).  These carpets were way too far gone to be salvageable so in the garage they went (which now reeks too).

Removing cat urine soaked carpet | Mrs. Fancee

Notice the plug-nose-with-shirt move going on up there. I told you all it was nasty….  We also ripped up all the padding since it was fairly well contaminated too.

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | Mrs. Fancee

Getting the rooms down to the subfloor helped immensely.  And thanks to this (strangely) beautiful Chicago weather, we were able to air out the house for several weeks.  Nevertheless, some odor remained as it had seeped into the subflooring.  You can see some dark stained spots below, and they stunk real. bad.

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | Mrs. Fancee

After removing the carpet, we did our due diligence and pulled all the staples and nails, and gave the floors a good brooming.  Then, we did some research on blocking odors.  Specifically pet urine odors.  While there are several options, we felt the best one for us would be a spot type treatment, by sealing in the odors in the rooms that needed it.

Turns out there are primer paints specifically designed for odor blocking that work well against pet odors as well as smoke smells.  We read several reviews on different products and the consensus seems to be that you need to use an oil based primer.  It just does it’s job infinitely better than latex.  Even though it is definitely harder to work with as it doesn’t wash off with water, it is worth the extra work to ensure a stink-less house.

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review | Mrs. Fancee

We heard great things about Kilz Original, so we decided to try it out.   You can buy a gallon for around $30 and it will cover roughly 300 square feet.  When we opened the can, it clearly needed some mixing.  But a few minutes later the paint was looking nice and white and we were back in business.

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review | Mrs. Fancee

Really, the whole process was very simple and went fairly fast.  We rolled the primer onto the floor, taking special care to cover well on the trouble spots.  Jake and I alternated rolling, man what an arm workout!

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review | Mrs. Fancee

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review | Mrs. Fancee

And yes, I paint in flip flops.  What??

One hour later we had all cat urine subfloor covered in a coat of Kilz Original.  Which smells very strong by the way (it is oil-based, after all).  So all windows were opened, and we spent some time outside trying to to breathe all the fumes.

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review | Mrs. Fancee

The first few days we couldn’t tell if the cat urine smell was gone or not because the paint smell was so overpowering.  But we eventually determined that the odor was nearly gone, but still slightly detectable in the bad spots.  So, we did a second coat on all urine-infected floors to be doubly sure to completely eliminate the odor.

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review | Mrs. Fancee

And now, thanks to Kilz Original, we have a fresh smelling house!  Next up, picking out some flooring 🙂

In other house news…

We’ve been doing a little yard work.  One evening we went through the yard and pulled all the weeds and thistles that were growing around the fence and deck edges.  I kid you not, some were as tall as me!!  Then, we took some free mulch that was sitting a few houses down (our neighborhood is taking down all the dead ash trees, so sad!) and mulched around the trees and house.  Just those little things made such a difference in the yard!

Mulching Fun | Mrs. FanceeMulching Fun | Mrs. Fancee

Also, we’re still working on a flooring decision.  Who knew it would be so difficult??  Hopefully we’ll have a decision soon and more flooring posts on the horizon!  Now that you all know how to get rid of that stinky cat urine smell, go get yourselves some Kilz Original and make your homes less stanky 🙂  Any other tips out there on odor elimination??

A Kilz Original Review

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor | A Kilz Original Review | Mrs. Fancee

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  1. I have used Kilz Max to eliminate odor from a bad paint I has just put on. The paint used was B… ceiling paint and it was rated highly. After 3 days the smell from this paint was terrible and the room (a porch) could not be used. I was advised to apply Kilz Max, which I did. The smell is the same after 4 days. What’s next. I do have a very serious lung disease and this is now becoming that is affecting my breathing.

  2. this is helpful if you have carpet….I have year old bamboo floors, it will cost me thousands to have to rip them out…Odo-ban did not work, so I am going to try oil based Kilz on the walls, think that will help?

  3. Hi, how is it now that it’s been a little while? We’re in the spot of getting new carpet and want to pre-treat the subfloors because the previous owners had taken in a feral cat.

    1. Hey Andrea! It’s been 2.5 years now since we painted the subfloors. Now we have flooring (hardwood) over them. I would say that there has not been a smell since we painted. Every once in a while I will get paranoid and wonder if I smell a faint scent of cat urine, but everybody I ask says they don’t. (I guess it never leaves your nose! lol) I will say there are a few rooms with laminate that we haven’t replaced or primed yet, and it’s possible there is some urine odor in them… But overall, I would say that it has been a perfect solution!

  4. Awesome thanks for sharing. We only have a small spot we need to treat after pulling out the carpet. We were going to go with the Kilz Original SPRAY can. Hopefully it’s as successful, we’ll see…

  5. I have done this to eliminate odor and just bought new carpet. Now I’m wondering if my cats will continue to pee on it or if they will stop now they don’t smell it any more. $2,000 in I don’t want them to do it to the new carpet. I don’t know which one if doing it but I would be heart broken if i have to get rid of them. any ideas if they will continue?

    1. Christie, I have a small Cat Rescue (8 cats) and I can tell you, cats will go potty sometimes. It’s just their nature and they’re not trying to upset you. They’re marking their territory. Do you live in a climate where you could build a Catio outside to house them during the day? We also have enclosures in the garage where the kitties go at night (kind of like PetSmart with lattice doors vs. the glass display windows). Each enclosure has comfy beds or throws, its own litter box, food and water. The kitties love going in there at night. During the day as we have a huge yard, they’re indoor/outdoor kitties, but as soon as I treat the (‘stanky’) walls with Kilz Original, they’ll be in their (soon-to-be-built) Catio during the day instead of being inside. There are lots of styles online if you look for them and the Catios look fairly easy to construct. My son is going to build ours under the trees in our side yard. The kitties will enjoy being outside in their catio with cat towers/toys, etc., during the day eliminating the slightest risk of being hit by cars. At night they’ll go into their garage enclosures. I can still bring a kitty or two in for some one on one playtime while I watch to make sure they don’t wet on the walls. I hope this idea helps so you don’t have to re-home your kitties. They’re so precious, after all.

      1. Wow! I never thought of doing that… I’m in the process of installing vinyl floors so that if my cats pee inside, it will be easy to wipe it up. I also know a lady who does feral cat rescue. I admire her but I don’t want to live with more than three cats in my house. xD That garage/catio idea might be a good solution… there are already 2 neighborhood cats that come to our house for dinner every night. If I ever end up taking in a bunch of foster cats, I might steal that idea…

  6. Has anyone used Kilz Original on drywall? My cats have been more attracted to the walls than the carpet. Thanks for answering as this is a big problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. Mrs. Fancee, your blog is a blessing. My husband and I split recently (he moved out) and now I’m left with this issue. Lots of work but at least I’m free if his emotional abuse. Thank the good Lord!

    1. Thanks to all of you for the info! I have 5 cats, the two boys, who are both neutered, spray the walls around the perimeter of my home. They have saturated the carpet in 3 rooms. I ripped up one rug and am now cleaning the cement underneath that still smells. I scrubbed it with bleach one night, waited a day, then scrubbed it with vinegar, waited a day then used Nature’s Miracle cat urine stuff. I can still smell the urine but not as badly. I am currently covering the floor with Kilz. We will see what happens. Good job on getting that husband out, Anne! I am in a similar situation. That is why I have so many cats…

      1. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda also work wonders on cat urine. You must clean with an enzyme cleaner first then spray down with hydrogen peroxide and scrub in baking soda. I have a neutered male that also sprays and that method works wonders.

  7. Kilz, Nature’s Miracle, and TSP (trisodium phosphate) do wonders for getting rid of cat urine smells. I would say actually, a strong concentrate of TSP and water has been the most effective in my opinion.

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