Affordable Bath Fixtures

We’re currently deep in the trenches of a full bath renovation. Let me tell you, it is not the walk in the park I was picturing in my mind… Nevertheless, the shower is almost tiled and we are just a smidgen closer to being able to wash ourselves again. (It’s been rough.)

Despite the stress and inconvenience of this whole renovation, I have thoroughly enjoyed one aspect… picking all the new things!!!  I mean whose favorite part isn’t shopping??

Finding all new fixtures for a bathroom refresh is fun but can also be painful on the wallet. So, in order to indulge myself in the more fanciful side of this trying time, I’ve assembled these affordable bathroom fixtures for different looks. Sometimes all you need for a totally new bathroom is refreshed fixtures!

Industrial Chic

Untitled design

Shower/Tub | Vanity Light | Faucet

Oil rubbed bronze is so hot right now.  Not only does it lend an industrial vibe to your bath, it’s virtually stainless. I personally love the more modern sleek bronze fixtures, like these.  They have the clean lines that contrast them with the ornate traditional bronze fixtures tending towards French Country that were previously popular.

Elegant Sophistication

Untitled design (1)

Shower/Tub | Vanity Light | Faucet

Can’t you feel the sophistication? This collection features shiny chromes and polished nickels all lending towards that, is-this-the-Hilton feel.  It definitely has a contemporary leaning, but the regal light fixture pulls in a hint of traditional making the whole look a little more transitional.

Effortlessly Modern

Untitled design (2)

Shower / Faucet | Vanity Light | Faucet

You’ve got to love a nice brushed nickel finish.  I mean it’s totally family friendly with it brushed metal that repels water spots and stains.  I especially adore that light fixture, how urbane and chic!

Which style is your favorite?  The ‘Elegant Sophistication’ grouping is what we chose for our bathroom.. I’m a sucker for shiny chrome and polished nickel 😉

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Affordable Bathroom Fixtures

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