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Y’all, I have had so much fun sharing wedding posts and tips with you.  (And I was in Alabama all last week so yes, I am entitled to say “y’all” at least once)  I was just thinking of all the fun templates I’ve made available here, like our lace Kraft paper invitations, faux chalk-board seating chart, ‘s’more love’ favor tags, and faux chalkboard dinner menu.

You may remember reading my wedding crossword puzzle tutorial.  The heart-shaped crossword was on the back of our programs for a little pre-ceremony entertainment.  Of all these things I’ve shared, I totally forgot about our ceremony programs!  So, without further ado….

Lace & Kraft Paper Wedding Program | Free Template! | Mrs. Fancee

Free Wedding Program Template

As you can see this program requires a little crafting.  Once you’ve formatted everything in your Word Doc and have it printed and cut to size, you can glue the edge of a doily on top.  Such a fun detail, right?  Mine were actually leftovers from our DIY invitations.

Before you Download…

These are the fonts you will need to download and install for the template:

  1. Bodoni MT Black (check before downloading, most computers should already have this font)
  2. Oranienbaum
  3. Sail

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Hope you all like my programs, and totally let me know if you try for the crossword on the back!!  It is so fun 🙂



Get all the supplies you need here: (affiliate links)


Lace & Kraft Paper Wedding Program | Free Template! | Mrs. Fancee


    1. Hi Connie, without more context it’s hard to tell. You may need to enable editing on your word doc (sometimes there is a button in a yellow warning line that says enable content), so try googling directions for your particular version of Word on enabling editing. Also, I know the template doesn’t work well on a Mac. And you may be having trouble editing the the text boxes themselves since they are stacked on each other. If you still can’t figure it out, send me a message on my contact me page and we may be able to figure it out with some screen shots.

  1. Hi,
    I love this! I had a question about Formating. I am marrying a military man and the abbreviations for their title/rank can’t be in all caps. Is there a way to change this in formating? I tried a different font but it was still in caps. Please help. I would love to use this.


    1. Hi Sarah, I believe I have the font type set to ‘all caps’. You should be able to change this by right clicking and selecting font, then deselecting the box for all capitals in the pop up window. 🙂

  2. I was so happy I found your invite but now I see you have the program too, you are my savior. Now let’s hope i can download the fonts and all correctly!!! The big day is just around the corner 9/19/15 YIKES!!!

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