So Very Velvet

Howdy, my friends! It’s f-f-friday. ūüôā And boy, we have stocked this week full of exciting happenings! So, I think it’s time to do a little update in the house department. ¬†With all the Thanksgiving fun last week, we haven’t really made any progress on our house projects. ¬†But, we have gotten some new fun finds and purchases.

Don’t you just love when your neighbors leave stuff out on the curb just for you?? ¬†Last week, our neighbors left out a little round dining table and I snatched that thing out of the rain and dragged it inside. ¬†The top looked to be a failed DIY project, but the base was really nice. ¬†So we are adding it the stash in our basement in hope of making a table for our sunroom eventually.

Then, we found a gorgeous rug on Craigslist for only $50 (the deals you can find on there are unreal, people). ¬†Since we’re doing the whole house in hardwood, we’re going to be needing quite a few rugs to make area rooms more pleasant to walk on. ¬†I love the ivory and subtle beige tones in this rug, and it is 100% wool and looks hardly touched! We put it down temporarily (it still needs a rug pad) in the living room and I think that will eventually be it’s permanent home. ¬†I want this room to be lighter more pastel colors, in contrast with the dark and dramatic colors of the den.


(it’s not pink at all, I think I took the pic at sunset, hence the reddish hues)

Ever since floor has gone down in the den, I have been on a mad Craigslist hunt for a sectional to go in there.  Well after lots of ups and downs, and not being quick enough to the draw on one, we finally have found and purchased a sectional.  Hooray!  Here is the picture from the listing:


I just love the clean and simple lines, and the shape is just perfect for our space.  Jake wanted the ultimate tv lounge room and I think this sectional definitely fits the bill.  Now, we got it for an amazing deal on Craigslist, but it does need some work.  The fabric is worn and not my preferred color (it really clashes with our Gray Matters in the den).  So, I am super duper excited to reupholster it!!!  Each piece separates, so it will really be like reupholstering 6 separate chairs.


Sorry for these¬†horrific nighttime phone pics.. ¬†I just get so excited to share, that and my camera is out of battery…

Oh, and sorry that you are leaning over weird in all these pictures, Jake, (he was spraying cleaner on the sofa)… again my impatience got the best of me.


I’ve known for a while that I needed wanted a¬†velvet furniture piece. ¬†And how chic and sophisticated would velvet look on this clean lined sectional sofa?? ¬†I just cannot decide what color to do. ¬†Here are my considerations…

Light/Medium Gray

Besides liking this color for a velvet sofa, I once read online that choosing a sectional that was closer to the color of your wall helped keep the room open and bigger because all the colors ran cohesively together. ¬†So, at the risk of it fading into the background, I’m considering a light/medium gray to keep the sectional from taking over the room.

light gray velvet sectionals

1  /  2  /  3  /  4


I love charcoal couches, they are just so pretty!  And also, going along with the gray theme again, I would hope that the charcoal would somewhat match the wall color and prevent sofa overload.

charcoal velvet sectionals

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

Royal Blue

I just love the rich and regal tone of a deep blue sofa. ¬†It would add so much fun and color to the room! ¬†But, the danger here is that it ends up looking like a huge blue thing and engulfs the room. ¬†I don’t want the sectional to make the room look smaller or like it doesn’t have breathing room.

royal blue velvet sectional

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

Navy Blue

This would be a more subtle play on the blue option.  The darker blue would still add that fun color element to the room, but should be a little less obtrusive.  I do wonder about the contrast of having a dark couch and medium walls, maybe it would still be too much for the room to handle.

navy velvet sectional

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

So basically here is my decision summary: I like the grays because they could help keep the room bigger, and I could add colors with pillows.  But, the blues are more exciting since they are less drab and more fab. The issue with those is they may cause sectional overload in the den and shrink the perceived size.  Help!!!  What color should I choose???

color options


I did a quick color scenario using my favorite Microsoft Word editing techniques, and you can see a rough idea of what each option would look like in the room (at night time.. I’m sure daylight would be much more flattering). ¬†So given all I’ve discussed with you, what would you choose?


    1. The more I think about, I am leaning towards both those options… but maybe a little more royal-blue navy ūüėČ We will see, I have yet to find an affordable fabric I like yet.. but the hunt is on!

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