The Best Kind of Wallpaper

Hello friends!  It has been too long… but here I am, back to share with you our new guest bedroom accent wall.  It’s been a crazy busy spring/summer/early fall, the kind where it’s hard to find rest sometimes.

I don’t know about you, but my drive and creativity seriously diminish when life is hectic.  That’s why I believe it’s so important to nurture your creativity and feed your dreams.  What does that look like for you?  For me, sometimes it’s as simple as 30 minutes of Pinterest and my creative juices are flowing again.

It may take more than that to get me all the way back into gear towards accomplishing my goals and dreams after this busy season of life.  But, it’s all about baby steps 🙂  Including this super fun project I did recently in our guest bedroom…

This wallpaper changes everything!

I’ve been itching to try out some wallpaper in our home, but have been leery of what I thought would be a time-heavy, sticky endeavor that would ultimately be ripped down it little strips by future home owners.

Oh was I so wrong…. I knew wallpaper is the new hottest thing right now and is back in a BIG way, but what I didn’t know is all the new sweet products they have.

When I was contacted by Wallpaper Boulevard and offered a chance to try out some wallpaper in our home, I was amazed by the selection and a product they sell called Tempaper.

It’s actually a vinyl wallpaper (though you would never tell by looking at it) that uses a special water-based adhesive which makes it extremely easy to remove. Not only is this nice if you ever need to take it down, it actually made putting it up a breeze!

If I lined up the paper incorrectly and already stuck it to the wall, no worries!  Just easily peel it back off (no residue whatsoever) and reapply.  They say it’s a two man job, and I’m sure that’s much easier, but I did the whole wall myself in under two hours and I give all the credit to the Tempaper for making it a breeze.

This wallpaper changes everything!

And can we talk about this pattern??  How beautiful is this Peonies Gold Leaf paper? I was absolutely set on doing some kind of a floral for the wall behind the bed in our guest room.  Something that really said luxury and class with a hint of whimsy.

Wallpaper Boulevard had so many pretty choices, it was hard to choose!  I’m so glad I went with this in the end though, it turned out perfect 🙂

I was a little concerned about the gold leaf turning out really brassy and tending towards the this-is-a-little-girl’s-room vibe… But I was relieved when it came in and turned out to be a subtle bronze-y gold leaf.  Enough to shimmer in the sun, but not to look too chintzy.

This wallpaper changes everything!

Nothing else in this room is finished yet.. I have lots of ideas, but just need to actually do them.  Having this accent wall up completely transforms the place though, and definitely helps set the tone and direction for the rest of the decor.

So the moral of the story is… buy temporary wallpaper and put it up everywhere. Check out these Pinterest boards with some great wallpaper inspiration: Removable Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper Inspiration.  I’m seriously drooling over them all right now.  If you come over next month and every room in our house has a different print, you’ll know I’ve lost it and went wallpaper crazy!!

**the wallpaper was provided by Wallpaper Boulevard, but all opinions are my own**


    1. Thanks, Kim! I agree, peeling wallpaper is no good… Luckily this stuff comes right off in one piece. No residue or anything since it’s vinyl temp paper!

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