The State of the Half Bath

In T-72 hours this bathroom should be in final and finished state!  How exciting is that?  It may have been the bane of our existence for the past three months… but we are finally nearing the finish line.

In my last Loving Lately post, I hinted at the Grand Half Bath Disaster of 2015.  Well…. you know that gorgeous marble tile that I’ve been telling you about for… 3 months?!? It finally went down, like all of it, and we grouted it!  And, it was anything but simple, suffice to say this was our first tile job and we did about everything wrong and made it 100 times harder than it should have been.

marble tile

But, we had done it!  We’d tiled the bath!  Only to realize… that it was such a horrible tile job, we had to take it out 🙁  Now trust me, I tried hard to convince Jake that maybe it wasn’t all that bad, I doubt the unevenness and extremely rough edges would cause any major harm to a person’s foot…..  But, alas to no avail.  He was right, it was terrible and had to go.

So just like that, after three months of agonizing tile work, it was gone in two hours.  Then we floored it with wood in another two hours.  Ah, if we had only done that in the beginning and we wouldn’t have lost all that time and money… But, I suppose we have learned a great deal from the experience (like get someone who knows how to tile help you your first time around the block!)

Yes, it hurts, but it’s water under the bridge now.  We are pressing forward with the plans and are just focusing on completing the board and batten.  But, that other bath is suddenly a million times more intimidating than it was, say, 3 months ago.

In the end you live and learn and mistakes are part of that process.  So, if you ever find yourself frustrated at a DIY gone wrong, just think to yourself, at least this isn’t the Grand Half Bath Disaster of 2015.

That is all, full reveal to be on the blog next Thursday!


  1. Oh no!! I just tiled for the first time over the weekend and had my own crazy problems dealing with it. A few are slightly raised compared to others, but I think it will be fine as they’re giant tiles so it’s not as much of an issue.

    Can’t wait to see how it turned out.

    1. Ah, a fellow tile newbie! Glad to hear I’m not the only one finding this whole thing a little difficult 😉 Hope to see pictures of your soon!!

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