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S'more Favors Tag Printable | Mrs. Fancee

When wedding planning (my family can vouch for this…) I was generally very decided about exactly how I wanted to do everything.  But, for whatever reason, I could not for the life of me decide on a favor…. After agonizing on this topic lengthily, my Mom suggested doing s’more kits.  Now, I had seen the idea before on Pinterest, but had never seriously considered it until then.

It totally matched our casual country-classy theme, and who doesn’t love s’mores? 🙂  So we bought tons of supplies and put together over 200 favors.  For the most part, I enjoyed all the DIY projects for the wedding.  But, I definitely struggled with this one, because it was a tedious job!  Thankfully my whole family pitched in and made much quicker work of it. 🙂

DIY S'more Favors | Mrs. Fancee

I decided on a simple, sweet tag and used a craft punch to cut them out of our Kraft paper.  We ordered cellophane bags and tied the package with raffia.  They ended up adding a lot to the tables and were a fun way to show a little bit of our personality.  We actually were planning on making a bonfire because the venue had a nice fire pit.  But, the night got away too fast and it ended up raining late in the evening.

If you would like to download and print the s’more favors tags click below!

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S'more Favors Tag Printable | Mrs. Fancee


  1. Hello! I’m looking to do s’more favors, too. How long in advance did you assemble them? I’m a bit worried about the marshmallow drying out/the graham cracker getting stale.

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