SEKTION | The New IKEA Kitchen Line

Last Tuesday IKEA launched it’s new kitchen line SEKTION, replacing the well-loved AKURUM system.  As someone who is potentially in the kitchen cabinet market in the near future, I was extremely excited to see the new reveal!

My mom and I went to the Schaumburg location to check out the changes in person.  IKEA kept many features of the new kitchen line the same as their former one, but made several crucial tweaks.

SEKTION  |  The New IKEA Kitchen Line  |  Mrs. Fancee

Let’s go through some of the most exciting changes.  First, the new SEKTION kitchen is very modular and allows more size combination options.  This means, less IKEA hacks, and more options for customized dimensions.

SEKTION  |  The New IKEA Kitchen Line  |  Mrs. Fancee

Not only will the drawers and cabinets dimensions be customizable, their insides will as well.  Meaning more options for drawers inside of drawers.  Yes, you heard that right!  They have also expanded their in-cabinet storage features for optimal space usage.

SEKTION  |  The New IKEA Kitchen Line  |  Mrs. Fancee

On the door front (pun intended), most faces remain the same with new names, but several more are added.  I would have liked to seen a few more options in the ‘classic-traditional’ style, but I guess they already have some pretty great picks.

Price-wise, you’ll be happy to know that most lines are remaining the same as AKURUM with only several increasing.  So, I’m hearing more customization, for little-to-no more money! 🙂

SEKTION  |  The New IKEA Kitchen Line  |  Mrs. Fancee

Overall, I’m impressed with the options offered by IKEA’s new SEKTION kitchen system.  I would have liked to see a few more ‘classic traditional’ door options added, but I can’t complain, they still have some great ones available.

SEKTION  |  The New IKEA Kitchen Line  |  Mrs. Fancee

Are you planning a kitchen remodel in the near future? What do you think of the SEKTION cabinet line?  My favorite door at the moment is the GRIMSLOV (formerly ADEL).


    1. It’s always fun to look tho, isn’t it? 😉 We’re considering going the IKEA route when we redo our kitchen. So many decisions tho! lol

  1. We are just finishing installing the new Ikea Sektion kitchen – we went with the Bobdyn offwhite. We lucked out that when we were ready to buy, the new Sektion line had just come out and along with it was the kitchen event. I am so glad we didn’t go ahead beforehand and were able to get some of the great new features. Only one small issue with jumping in during the kitchen event with a brand new system – it’s been over a month and we are still waiting for about 10 doors. And no one at Ikea can tell you when they might be in – just keep checking the website for availability. I’m super glad that it wasn’t cabinets, or something else that would have held up production of the kitchen. My husband works overseas, we had a 4 week window of opportunity to gut (with the exception of the tiled floor), buy and install our new kitchen. As it was our closest Ikea was 45 minutes away – so there were several trips (I’m thinking about 10 in total) that were last minute and when we saw something become available we jumped in the car and went. So far, everything has gone together pretty easily. When we first got the bulk of our order – we picked it up ourselves – we just didn’t have the room to unpack everything to make sure it wasn’t damaged etc. We opened boxes and put stuff together as we went. We had a total of 3 products that were damaged, changed our mind about a few things and had over bought on some stuff, like hinges, etc. We had no issue at all returning anything – which was great! A few things I really like about our new kitchen, is the drawers that pull all the way out, the uppers in a 15″ depth and 40″ height are great, and the varied amount of sizes in cabinets and the combinations you could create. A few of the things I’m not a fan of, is the plastic toe kick – it feels flimsy and looks cheap. It did not install nicely, our existing tiled floors are not the most level and they were a pain to fit in. The other thing I wish they had done was to give you more options for your upper corner cabinet. I’m not a fan of the angled upper cabinet in the corner – but what else could you do, to not make it a dead corner? Sorry this is so long winded, lol but almost being done with this kitchen reno, gets me pretty darned excited!

    1. Thank you so much for this great insight! I will definitely be watching out for that kickboard, and I hadn’t thought much about the corner cabinets before. I will make sure to note the options when ever shopping time comes 🙂 The best advice is usually from someone with firsthand experience, so I really appreciate you sharing here!

  2. The IKEA products are just great. IKEA’s sales staff is extremely helpful. KEA’s choice as a product assembler/installer is a nightmare in the worst possible way. When I got upset because of their gross negligence, weeks to get anyone by phone to respond, waiting and waiting for a complete email to contain not only a qualified estimate INCLUDING A WORK CONTRACT TO DO THE WORK! I WAS TOLD BY THEIR ASSISTANT MANAGER (mind you I am age 77), THAT THEY WOULD NOT DO THE WORK FOR ME “BECAUSE OF MY ATTITUDE”! THEIR IS NO RESPONSIBLE IKEA CUSTOMER SERVICE TO HELP A CUSTOMER WITH A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM. I was also told to find my own installer in Utah. CONCLUSION – WHY THE HELL WOULD I EVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH IKEA AGAIN.

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