What is your Personality Type? Introducing a New Series

So, this post is a little different than what you’ll usually find around here (primarily crafts, décor, and diy projects)  But…. In my defense, it totally relates!  The other day I was reading articles online about marble countertops (no, they are not in my near future, but can’t a girl dream??).  In my reading I came across this blog post by Edie from Life in Grace blog titled Living with Marble Countertops, a cautionary tale.  In it Edie talks about the various ups and downs of marble and how she personally feels about her choice.   At the end of the post, she concludes that marble may work for you if you are one of the following Myers Briggs personality types: ISFP (artist), ESFP (performer), ENSP (inspirer); but you should not get marble if you are ISTJ (duty fulfiller), ESFJ (caregiver), ESTJ (guardian), or ENFJ (giver).

What??? Fascinating!  Making décor choices based on your personality profile… what a novel way of looking at your decorating choices.  It’s so true!  If you are of a personality type that likes things particularly orderly, neat, and functional, certainly marble—with all its propensity to stain, scratch and wear—would be a terrible choice for you.  But, if you’re a type that appreciates aesthetics over function, tends towards being laid back, more flexible and less precise, marble is an excellent (and beautiful) countertop choice.

living with marble countertops


So, I’m sure you see the natural progression of this thought process… I wonder what personality type I am?  Although, I am no expert on the different personality tests out there, I have found that the Myers Briggs test is highly regarded and even used in corporate settings to aide in personnel management and career assessment.  You have to pay to take the official test, but there are many websites out there that provide similar tests for free.  Personally, I took this one and found it to be pretty accurate.  But, just to be sure, I would check out this site where you can read each attribute and self-diagnose yourself.

After taking the tests and checking each item to see if it matched me, I ended up getting: INTP (The Thinker) also known as the Architect.  I’ll be honest… I was not totally thrilled with my profile, and certainly don’t think it’s an exact match. But, I will admit that there are many aspects of that personality type that I think are very characteristic of myself.  Especially after reading the relationship profile of an INTP, I felt more satisfied with the match.

In the end, I realized that 16 profiles couldn’t possibly precisely define every single person.  But, they provide good insight with some very truthful aspects.  Also, the profiles characterize someone who is signficantly either one trait or the other, and doesn’t account for middle ground where you may exhibit characteristics of both.  If you fall in the middle on some categories, just take your personality profile with a grain of salt, knowing that it is meant to characterize someone who is clearly one way or the other. Or, possibly consider yourself a split between two personality types.

Of course I had to have Jake take the test to see what his type was!  Jake tested as an ESFJ (The Caregiver).  And, you know what? We both agreed that his profile was spot on! (No fair… lol)  It’s a really fun feeling to be able to define yourself accurately in words (because we all know how hard that can be when someone asks that awkward question: what three words best describe you?)  So, I would highly recommend you try and figure out which personality profile you are!


From there, there is so many ways to dissect and analyze your type.  You can even search famous people like you, careers for your profile, or how you fare in relationships with other types.  But, (since I am a Thinker, apparently, and love to theorize and speculate) I would like to help define which decorating style best matches each personality profile (I told you this would eventually be relevant ;)).  This is going to be a 16 part series–a post for each MB personality type, and I’m really excited to research and help you all recognize the best decorating styles for you!

Decorating for your Personality  |  Mrs. Fancee

If any of you go through the process of finding out your personality type I would love if you left a comment stating what it is!  That way I have starting place for this series and am able to post on what is relevant to you all. 🙂

Decorating for your Personality:

INTP Decorating for the Thinker
ESTJ Decorating for the Guardian
INFP Decorating for the Idealist
ENFJ Decorating for the Giver
INFJ Decorating for the Protector
ENTP Decorating for the Visionary
ESFJ Decorating for the Caregiver
ISFP Decorating for the Artist
ISFJ Decorating for the Nurturer
ESFP Decorating for the Performer
ENFP Decorating for the Inspirer
INTJ Decorating for the Mastermind
ENTJ Decorating for the Executive
ISTP Decorating for the Artisan
ESTP Decorating for the Promoter
ISTJ Decorating for the Duty Fulfiller 


    1. Oh how neat! I looked it up and only 2% of the population are Giver’s, so you are a very unique type 🙂 It’s so fun learning what makes people tick!

    1. Ah the Executive! How neat 🙂 I will definitely put in on my list (I have to admit I’m a bit behind at the moment, but I will do my best!) Thanks for reading!

    1. I will definitely put that on my list, Chloe! I’ve been MIA around here lately but am planning on picking things up again soon 🙂

    1. I take it back. I was researching more into how to conclude which type was the correct one so I retested and got INTJ. Of the two tests I had 12% Sensing when my results were ISTJ but I got 38% Intuitive when my results were INTJ. This has been interesting! Thanks so much for doing this series! 🙂

      1. I did the exact same thing, Julie! After testing some more I realized I was extroverted and not introverted, making me ENTP not INTP. So glad you enjoyed the post, I know I think all this personality stuff is so fun! 🙂

    2. I have been procrastinating so bad on that one, terribly sorry!!!! I’m truly hoping to have it up next week tho. 🙂

  1. I’m an INTJ and you *nailed* it! I posted this to Facebook as recommended reading for all my designer friends. The photos are lovely too. Great blog all around.

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