How to Look Picture Perfect at Your Wedding

Every bride wants to look picture perfect on her wedding day.  However, the stress of planning the wedding may make you want to make rash decisions for your body in the name of great photographs.  Some of these decisions, including dieting, not sleeping, and over-tanning, can actually detract from the vision you have of yourself on your big day.  Instead of crash dieting, losing sleep, and ruining your skin, utilize these tips and show up to your big day more radiant than ever before.

Don’t Over Diet

The temptation among many women seems to be to completely over-do it when it comes to dieting.  Suddenly one feels the desire to drop two dress sizes in two months.  It’s not impossible for some, but it’s unrealistic for many.  Not only is it unnecessary, but it can be downright unhealthy.  Starving yourself won’t make you any healthier.  Because many brides are in a time crunch and have their hand in so many parts of the planning, they may feel pressure to also exert extra control over their body.  Be sure you are getting the proper nutrition by having healthy recipe boxes from SunBasket sent straight to your door.

Get Rest

There is so much going on—ordering the cake, hiring the band, making sure the right table favors are used, etc.—so it is easy to skip out on rest.  Besides that, there is also just the sheer excitement of having a wedding.  Having a wedding is fun, yes, but fun of the stressful variety. Finding time to rest is essential to feeling and looking flawless on your big day. Of course, that is easier said than done—the excitement of your upcoming wedding can be so distracting you can’t even sleep. In the meantime, you may find it helpful to invest in sleep aids such as melatonin.  If you are prone to neck pain, try a new Tempur-Pedic pillow—nothing says good sleep like a comfy bed.  Simple changes can lead to the beauty sleep that will add to your glow on your wedding day.

Treat Your Skin

Nothing’s more beautiful and eye-catching than radiant, clear skin. Although technology has given us gorgeous high resolution photos, that also means that every little flaw you feel you have on our face will pop up even more so than you realized. Acne has a lot of different causes, including diet, sleep, stress, and hormonal changes.  Determine the main cause behind your breakouts and schedule a visit with a dermatologist to see what he or she recommends for your breakouts.

Be Mindful of Your Tan

There are two kinds of people: those who tan and those who burn.  Regardless of which category you find yourself in, be mindful of the evenness of your skin.  If you want to be tan on your wedding day and it is easy for you to get a tan, then by all means sprawl yourself out in the sun—so long as you use a healthy slathering of sunscreen. If you have a light and cooler-toned skin, it might be best to avoid the harsh rays. Check out spray tanning at Sun Tan City to get that bronzy glow.


Your happiness is your greatest accessory.  You should feel nothing but total joy at your wedding.  Seek a photographer who knows how to take the perfect candid.  Weddings are made up of beautiful small moments, and embracing your happiness and sharing it to the world is the prettiest and most memorable part of any photograph.

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