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Today, I’d like to share another DIY project I did for our wedding.

I had a TON of fun designing the invitations (a little bit less fun putting them together… lol). Knowing I was going for a ‘country classy’ type look and that I love Kraft paper, I scoured pinterest for inspiration.  This was the spark for the whole project:


After seeing these gorgeous invites I knew I wanted to DIY lace wedding invitations using doilies and kraft paper.

The layout of the invitations was based on this next invite: (I seriously spent way too many hours of my life obsessing over font choices and styling ;))

caligraphy wedding invitation


For the paper I bought 250 8.5×11 Kraft paper sheets for $45  (I recently found them here for less, I used the 100 cover weight, Desert Storm).  The invites took around 90 sheets and I ended up using nearly all the rest for other wedding paper projects.  All the printing was done at Staples, they are very reasonable.

Here is a close up of the invite sans the doily…  I sometimes just sit and stare at it, because I love it so much… 🙂

How to Make Lace Wedding Invitations | Mrs. Fancee

But, seriously… I’m sure I spent over 5 hours meticulously analyzing every font in the world… haha 🙂  I was going for a more contemporary and fun layout with words that popped, versus the traditional invites in the cursive.  Those are pretty too, but I was going for ‘gripping’   😉

If anyone is interested in knowing any of the fonts, or wants a copy of the wedding invitation template I used scroll to the bottom of this post.

DIY Doily Wedding Invitation | Mrs. FanceeI bought the Doilies for around $10 off of the Webstaurant store (it came in a package of 500!)  Putting it all together was pretty simple.  I centered the doily around the invite, folded, then used a craft paper cutter to remove the excess doily on the top and bottom.

So I took these pictures before I made most of them, and I actually ended up tying bows instead of knots like the one above.  Tying the ribbon was a learning process, but the more I did the better I got.  Jake graciously offered to assist me, but after ten minutes of laboring over one bow, he asked to be relieved of his duties 😉  Men’s fingers are just not cut out for these sorts of things…

For the RSVP postcards  I had them printed and cut at Staples, then I used stamps I had and embossed the back.  They looked so pretty with the black shiny 🙂  I wish the picture captured it better….

Doily Invitations DIY | Mrs. Fancee

My mom and sisters helped me a TON with these… I mean like many hours of cutting, tying, stamping and embossing, not to mention envelope licking, stamping, and addressing… You gals are the best! 🙂  And, I should mention that Jake helped me a lot too, who would have thought he has a knack for embossing? 😉

Again, if anyone is interested in fonts used/more information on the embossing process, I’d be happy to fill in more details!  Thanks for reading about my DIY lace wedding invitations.  If you like my blog, I would love for you to follow me (by email or bloglovin’ in the right sidebar) or view my Pinterest.  🙂


I’ve been so flattered by the positive responses to our wedding invitations!  After getting several requests for the template, I’ve decided to make it available for download here.  It is in Word form and remains largely the same as I designed it… meaning that while it is not the cleanest or simplest template ever, it is fully customizable!

(please read the instructions prior to download!)

Instructions for Template Download

1.  Download and Install these fonts:

2.  Download Invitation and RSVP Template

Get free access to all wedding templates!


3.  Personalize and Format

You can customize the invitation and rsvp by clicking in the text boxes and typing your wording.  For the wedding location text box on the invitation (bottom right), I adjusted the font spacing in order to make each line the same width.  You can adjust this as well by selecting the line of text, right-clicking, selecting font, then the advanced tab.  From there you can condense or expand the text by playing with the spacing.  You can also try this technique on the reply by date for the RSVP.

Other Information:

  • Printing: Staples
  • Size: A7  (Cut 1.5 inches off the bottom, 1″ off the right side, and in half vertically)

Get all the supplies you need to make these here:


  1. I would love a copy of your template if you are willing to share! These invitations are so cute and exactly what I had in mind for my June 2014 wedding!

        1. Of course! If you click on the link at the top or bottom of the post it will take you to the template download page with instructions 🙂

      1. Hi. I love your idea for wedding invitation with the doilies. But im having a hard time finding a thickish paper doilies sorta like cardboard. If you know anywhere where i could purchase them can you please let me know

      1. Hi Melanee, you can download the invitations on my site by clicking the link for template at the top and bottom of this post 🙂

  2. I am also interested in your template! 🙂 I am getting married June 2014. Also wondering the whole process to have them printed somewhere. Thanks!

      1. To print them at Staples, did you go through it online? I am looking at getting them printed there and so far I can’t seem to get them to upload correctly. I am not sure if I am just doing it wrong… but I was just wondering how you did it!

        1. Hi Lori, I actually had the same problem using their online system. I ended up going into the store with a flahsdrive and the people at the copy and print center were very helpful. 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs. Fancee,
    I looove your invites 🙂 They are so perfect! I’m getting married in October of this year and have been mulling over what style I’d like for our invites! I think you may have just pointed me in the right direction! Could you please send me the template? THANK YOU

    1. Andrea,
      Thank you, I’m so flattered you like our invites! Expect an email tonight with the template. Congratulations on the wedding!!! 🙂
      Mrs. Fancee

  4. Will you please send me a copy of the template also. It’s prefect! We are having a small vintage country chic wedding it this is perfect!

  5. I will be having a country wedding next fall & absolutely LOVE your design!! Would you be willing to share your template with me, also??

  6. hi 🙂 i stumbled across your invited today and i would love a copy of your template if you can? thank youuuu

  7. Love these invites! Exactly what I’m looking for for my wedding in October! Would you send me the template? Thank you so much!

  8. I absolutely love this! Im renewing my vows next May and this is exactly the style invite I’m looking for. Can you please send the templates my way as well? Thank you!

    1. How fun! I will be sending you an email soon 🙂 I used size A7 envelopes, I’m sorry I can’t remember where I ordered them from… The dimensions of the invites are 5.5″ by 7″ (they could easily be made longer though, by cutting less off the bottom)

  9. These invites are EXACTLY what I’m looking for! I already have the paper and everything to make them I was just going crazy trying to decide on what kind of template… please… Save me! 🙂 These are STUNNING! Thank you so much!

  10. I love these invites!! I’m getting married next April and this is the exact invitation I have been envisioning! Could you please send me a copy of your template? These invitations would be perfect for our southern country chic wedding!

  11. These invites are so absolutely perfect!!! I am planning a wedding for next summer, and I would love to have this template. You did such a beautiful job, and it would be amazing if you could send me a copy! Thanks so much!

  12. I’d love to get the template also, hubby and I are re-newing our vows 9-21-13. Gotta get in gear for the invites!

    1. Hi Bailey! To emboss the back of the RSVP cards I used an ampersand I found at Michaels. This one seems to be the same as mine:

      For the letters, I bought 2 alphabet clear stamp sets at TJ Maxx (similar to these: They also have them at Michael’s I believe.

      To make the process much better, I mounted the letters onto a clear acrylic block to form our names with the right spacing for the ampersand. The block I used is similar to this:

      You should be able to find all this stuff at Michaels or Hobby Lobby 🙂

  13. I love your invitations!! How many invites did you make and what was the final total? I would also like a copy of your template.

      1. Hello mrs francee. So I’ve got the invitations ready. I’m working on the RSVP’s. I’m having a hard time finding the stamps needed. What size in inches are the letters and ampersand?

        1. Finding the right stamps can be difficult! The ampersand I found at Michaels and it measured 2.75″ by 3.25″. I found this one that appears to be the same as mine:–2012/Detail

          For our names, I used clear rubber alphabet stamps and mounted them on a clear acrylic block found at a craft store. The alphabet stamps were this size and a very similar style:

          Hope this helps! and best of luck 🙂

  14. I stumbled across this fabulous idea while I was looking at invitations on Pinterest! Could I ask for the template? I love this!

  15. I love love love your invitations!! Could you please send me the template I’ve been searching everywhere for invitations that I love, because I’m getting married in December and really want to do my own! Thank you!

  16. When you put the invitations on the doily, did you cut the doily in half then glue it to the back or was the doily big enough that you could fold it around the invitation?

  17. I was just wondering if you glued the actual invitation to the doily? Like once you had the positioning on it correctly? To send them did you put everything inside the little doily and tie it up, or was each thing put in separately? Thank you soooo much for your help with everything. I’m going to assemble everything this weekend!

    1. I didn’t glue them, folding the doily around the invitation helped it stay pretty well. Then I tied the bows around the doily and invite. Also, I put the RSVP card in the envelope separate from the doily invite card because I was worried people might miss it if it was inside the doily. But that’s just personal preference 🙂 Good luck assembling everything!!

  18. Hello! I love these! I am doing them for my wedding next September! Do you by chance remember what size doily you used? 6 inch or 8 inch? Thanks!!!

  19. I have a question about the RSVP card. you said you used stamps you have and embosses the back. What did you use stamps on and what did you emboss. I could not tell from the picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS

    1. Hi Lorey! Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple of days. For the RSVP backs, I used rubber stamps from Michaels (one ampersand and a clear alphabet collection on an acrylic block), then I embossed the “Jacob & Naomi.” Basically, you use a special embossing ink, cover with embossing powder, then heat gun it until it bubbles up. It’s a pretty fun process! Just takes a while…

  20. Hello. Another question about the rsvp…. What is the font you used for the RSVP part. I’m going crazy looking for one that is as nice as yours

        1. I didn’t, so they just came off when you untied the ribbon. But, I think that would be a neat detail 🙂

  21. Hi, I read through all of the above before asking, but just to be clear…. 10″ doilies, got it….. but what size are your actual invites? I just wanna make sure that 10″ doilies will fit around my a7 cardstock, or should i get 12″? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rana! The invites are size A7. Once you trim 1.5″ off the bottom, 1″ off the right side, and in half vertically they will be 7″ x 5″. So the 10″ doilies worked perfectly 🙂 hope that helps!

    1. Well… they all didn’t look quite that nice lol. They got better the more I did though, and for the one in the picture (my best one) I tried to make it tiny and then I tugged and pulled the ends until they settled under the loops of the bow.

  22. A trick I learned from working at a craft store too was to buy the A7 foldable cards and cut them down the crease so you double the amount of cards you have. It depends on the number of invites you make and the cost of a pack of cardstock vs. cards but I got 50 cards and envelopes for $10 which meant I only needed to buy an extra pack of 50 envelopes since the cards would double to 100. Just something to help out future invitation DIYers!

  23. I’m planning on using your DIY instructions and making something very similar!! You did an absolutely wonderful job coming up with the design and providing instructions. I am just wondering if it would be possible to use a home printer to print the invitations or if the printing has to be done at a secondary location such as staples. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Caitlin, thanks so much for the kind words! If you wanted to print it on a home printer, you could as long as your paper isn’t too thick (I would think anything heavier that’s 80lb cover weight or heavier wouldn’t do well in a home printer). My printer can hardly handle thin envelopes lol. That said, I think you can acutally save money printing it at Staples. My home printer black ink cartridges are around $30, but Staples was able to print all of my invitations and cut them for around 15-20. Hope this is helpful, and best of luck 🙂

  24. I love love love this idea! Your template is great! I had a quick question about the line next to the date. Is there a way to move it? Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words 🙂 And yes, you can move it. You may have to move all of the other nearby text boxes to the side in order to be able select it though. (One of the annoying aspects of working with Microsoft Word!)

  25. Absolutely love these. I am designing my own RSVP postcard. Was there any requirements you had to follow for the post office? I’m just a little nervous. Thanks!

    1. There are some parameters to keep in mind. The post office says a post card must be rectangular,
      at least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick, and no more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick. Best of luck!


    1. Thanks Addie! Glad you like them 🙂 You can actually download the template if you follow the link at the top of the post. And I used 10″ doilies. Best of luck!

  27. I’m doing something very similar for my wedding invitations! The doilies I found are pretty flimsy though, and kind of see-through. Are the ones you bought from Webstaurant better quality/thicker than the standard doilies you can get at a craft store?

    1. Katie, the ones that we ordered are pretty standard I think, like the thin paper kind a restaurant might have under your plate. They do feel paper-y but still look great 🙂

  28. hi I love your invitations and Im gonna try to make them for my coming wedding ,I jusf need some help,can I have more information about the embossing process like what kind of ink and other materials did you use and can u tell me a little bit about the procedure,thank u appreciate it!!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! Embossing is a fun, but tedious process. You will need several things: a heat gun (from a craft store, or ebay/craigslist), embossing powder (make sure the powder says ’embossing’ or else it won’t work), and a stamp pad that says ’embossing’ (they are usually white or clear). You may want a glitter tray or something to catch the excess powder, but I just used paper. For the backside of the rsvp cards this is the embossing process I used: first stamp the letters and ampersand on the card using the embossing ink. (it goes faster if you use clear stamp letters and mount to an acrylic stamping block). Then, sprinkle the powder on the stamped paper, lightly shaking back and forth until the entire stamped area has powder sticking to it. Flip over the card and tap lightly to get rid of the excess powder. Then, use the heat gun about six inches away to help the powder and ink react. They will bubble slightly and become raised (this is super fun to watch), and then you are done! Fold the paper and pour the excess powder back in the bottle when done. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me anytime! Best of luck 🙂

  29. I love this site!!! And absolutely LOVE these invitations! I am getting married in September of this year so I’m a little behind on the invites but I am going to attempt to make these. Can I ask what size did you cut the brown paper to? Also what size doilies did you use? Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Amber 🙂 And congrats on the wedding!!!! I used 10″ doilies and for the Kraft 8.5×11″ paper: cut 1.5 inches off the bottom, 1″ off the right side, and in half vertically. Best of luck!

  30. Hello, I tried downloading the template from the website but I was still unable to use them. Could you email them to me, please?

    1. Hi Kasey, I’d be happy to email them to you (my home internet is out though so it might be a few days). But there may be another issue, if you don’t have Microsoft Word, if you’re using some other Word Processor, or if you’re on a Mac computer, the template will not work. Other common issues include not downloading and installing the fonts correctly. Hopefully we can iron out whatever issue you are having!

  31. Hi, just wanted to say that we used your template for our wedding invitations and they could not have turned out more perfectly! My partner did all the technical side (technology is not my strong point haha!) and then I put everything together with help from my girlfriends. They look amazing! We posted them the other day and I’ve already received texts from people telling me how beautiful they are. By providing these templates and the fonts you really took away all the stress of doing DIY invitations. Thank you so so much 🙂

    1. Wow, it means so much to hear from someone who was able to use the templates!!! I’m so glad they worked out well for you all 🙂 I totally agree, sometimes the planning in DIY is much less fun than the ‘doing’ when all your girlfriends can come help!! Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials 🙂 🙂

  32. Hello!
    To anyone interested, I just bought 250 envelopes and 250 pieces of card stock and 500 doilies from the websites given by Mrs. Fancee. I paid about $135.00 total for everything. I will only use about 150 of each and will have plenty of leftovers if anyone is interested!

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! It will save me quite a bit making these myself instead ordering pre-made invites!

    I cannot wait to get my supplies so I can get started!

    1. Ah, that’s so exciting, Brandy! I know when I ordered I checked the mail like every day waiting for the stuff to come in 🙂 Best of luck!!!

  33. Hi your creativity is awesome and unique i,love your ideas . Can you please send me your teples please were getting married this comong nov. Thankie so much god bless

    1. Well thanks, Shela! If you click on the link at the bottom or top of this post it will take you to a download page with the instructions. 🙂

  34. I am using this idea for my wedding! Thank you so much for sharing! I am having trouble with the RSVP cards. Can you walk me through how you did the stamped names on the back and any ideas where to get the stuff to do them? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Lenae, glad you like it 🙂 To emboss the back of the rsvp, I used a rubber ampersand stamp, and clear (without the wooden back) alphabet stamps. I stuck the clear stamps on a clear acrylic stamp block to spell out our names. I used clear embossing ink to stamp the ampersand and letters onto the back of the rsvp. Then, I covered the ink on the card with black embossing powder, tapped off the excess, and heated with a heat gun to get the embossed effect. You can find all these supplies at Michael’s or most craft stores. Buying online may be cheaper too. Hope this helps 🙂

  35. I am in love with this. I have spent hours searching for wedding invitation ideas. this is it. I love it I am planning on using a wider ribbon though and spray painting the doily. what do you think? any idea how much they charge at staples? 🙂

    1. Cute ideas, I love it! 🙂 Staples was super reasonable, all of my invitations printed cost less than $20 (I bought the paper separate)

      1. So I was wondering if you could give me some advice! I am doing 3 colors for my wedding: turquoise, orange, and fuchsia. I know I want to spray paint the doilys one of those colors and do a ribbon another color but when it comes to the paper part I have no idea what to do! any ideas? helllppp!!

        1. Hi Nadia, what fun and bright colors! If I were you I would do a crisp white paper to showcase your vibrant colors and make them pop. Maybe you could do some of the words on the invite in turquoise, orange or fuschsia to tie all your colors together. Hope this helps!! 🙂

    2. Thank you for that idea! I think I will go with it! so some word in color on the invite? Advice for color of doily and ribbon? Also which paper is best in your opinion I have no idea what weight or anything like that!

  36. I have been searching ALL night for “THE ONE” and I’ve been going CRAZY thinking I wouldn’t find them. I think I found THE INVITES that I love! Can you please please send me the template??? I would adore that!

    1. Hi Becca, so glad you like them! If you click on the link at the top or bottom of this post you can follow the download instructions to get a copy 🙂

    1. Hi Courtney, I used 10″ doilies and had 5×7 invitations as well. That way they just come to the center when wrapped around.

  37. Hi. Thanks for sharing your invites along with providing links. I was just wondering, how long did it take for the doilies to arrive after ordering them online?

    1. Hello, actually if you click the link at the top of the post to the template page you can read the instructions and download there 🙂

  38. Thank you so much for posting the template on line, these were so easy to edit. I love them!!! I can’t wait to print them and start putting together!!!

    1. That is so sweet and you have no idea how relieved that makes me feel!! I was worried they wouldn’t format right on other’s computers, so glad it was easy for you 🙂 🙂

  39. Hi Mrs. Fancee! Thank you so much for all of these templates. I am helping my friend make her invitations and we really wanted to do the back of the RSVP cards the same way you did, without the embossing. Any way you could help us with that? Thanks!

    1. Hey Ashley, thanks for the kind words! Absolutely you could do that! I would say the easiest was is to try and do it in Microsoft Word and play around with fonts until you like it. Then you can get it printed on the back of the RSVP’s. Or if you want it a little more hand-made you’d just need to get a black stamp pad and use that instead of an embossing pad and powder. Just like with the embossing method, you’ll still need clear acrylic alphabet stamps to spell your names and an acrylic stamp block, and an ampersand stamp. (I think some of these are linked in an amazon widget below the article) Best of luck!!

  40. hi, i am in the process of putting together an invite for our wedding. i was wondering if what size of doily paper that would fit into a 5×7 invite, that won’t look awkward to wrap around it. thank you.

  41. I LOVE your invitations and will be using them for my upcoming wedding!! I am having problems with the font used for the “with joyful hearts” and other various places on the invite. I guess its just not showing up on my computer even though I downloaded all the fonts you listed. My computer switches it to a different font. Can you tell me which font you used? Thanks!

  42. ok i answered my own question, if it even posted because i don’t see it now lol
    but i was wondering about the embossing process if you could offer an info

  43. Thanks so much for posting these. We’re using the design for our evening invites- I’m not brave enough to make all of them myself! Spent ages looking for one that fit with our wedding and wasn’t ridiculously fiddly. Thank you for making the instructions so clear and including the template and fonts, you’ve made it so much easier to be creative!

  44. what size doily did you use? I have a similar idea for my invites ( which are going to be 5×7) but I’m not sure what size doilies to buy. I’m thinking 10 or 12 inch to fit around them? thank you!

  45. Hey! I’m so glad I found this post!! I absolutely love these diy invitations. Where can I find the lace outside and what other colors do they offer? We are looking for silver or gray. Thanks so much!

  46. Did you adhere the doilies to the back of the paper, or just fold and tie? I’m looking for a safe spray-able adhesive that will hold them. Suggestions?

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