Half Bath Plans

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope your weekend was fabulous! We struck a nice balance with a relaxing low-key Saturday and a productive Sunday. One of the productive items we accomplished was picking out a half bath vanity. Hooray, so exciting!!

Now, you may be confused if you read our master plan because tackling the half bath wasn’t supposed to start until way later… But, we changed our minds recently (something that I am prone to do often) and decided it would be a nice little room to work on and knock off the list.  I think having one or two ‘done-ish’ rooms will help us feel like we’re in a home more so than a construction zone 🙂

So, as a reminder, here is our half bath as-is.



The room is very beige and just does not feel crisp and clean, which is how I like bathrooms to feel.  There is tons of storage available in the vanity, but really we do not need nearly that much and it takes up so much visual space in the room.

I’d always thought we would go with a pedestal sink in the half bath for a variety of reasons.  First, because it would spare Jake the agony of having to go through the process of picking out a vanity with me 😉  Second, I thought it would be simplest (vs. possibly building a vanity, fabricating a stone top, to name a few complications that could occur on the other route).  But after some discussion, we decided that it was important to have at least a little storage space, and I learned that plumbing a pedestal sink is not exactly a walk in the park, if you know what I mean….

So off we went a-vanity hunting… We looked at Home Depot, HOBO, and several salvage stores to no avail.  I really wanted legs on the vanity to give it the feeling of furniture rather than a built-in cabinet base, which I doubted I could find in a big-box store for a reasonable price.

Our last stop was at Menards and we ended up finding the perfect vanity that married all the things we were looking for.  The Chantilly Vanity had a porcelain top (we wanted porcelain if it wasn’t white stone), furniture legs with some curvy detail, a simple white modern (but not too modern) look, decent price, and perfect size.  It was wide enough to fill out the space properly, but much skinnier in depth than our current vanity.  So the space will feel much bigger with it installed.

chantilly vanity menards


Of course all this vanity talk has my wheels turning with plans for the rest of the bathroom.  I love the look of white board and batten in a bathroom, and maybe some fun and graphic stencil above it.  This is what I’m thinking for now…

bathroom inspo

The yellow trellis pattern and tall board and batten are inspired by my favorite ever dining room.  I think the look will transfer well to the bath, don’t you think?  Keeping with the ‘chrome’ theme , I’m thinking some simple side sconces and a frameless mirror.

This diagram I did in excel shows a to-scale representation of the vanity wall:

half bath to scale

I love it when I finally feel like, yes, I know exactly how I’m going to do it!  And that is how I’m starting to feel about this bath now.  It’s stencil-ordering time!!! 🙂


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