The Friday Five

Happy Happy Friday!!!  We made it. 🙂  It’s been a very long week here.  I’ve been spending long hours in tax training 101, and am experiencing information overload.  But, I am thankful for the weekend and some time to absorb it all and relax.  Without further ado… I bring you the Friday Five:

Friday Five



1.  Portillo’s Cake Shake.  This shake is pure chocolate-y heaven.  If you ever visit Chicago (or happen to live in the area)  Portillo’s chocolate cake shake is my #1 must try!  This popular Chicago chain is known for their Chicago style hotdogs and fun prohibition era decor.  They bake fresh chocolate cake every day (Rumor has it they put mayo in it to keep it so moist!).  Then, they take their unsold day-old cake and blend it up into a chocolate shake for a super rich, sweet treat.  You need to try this…. 😉

Portillo's Hot Dogs



2.   Pillows.  Do you ever feel like you are in a pillow rut?  I do…  Lately I’ve been thinking I’m ready for a new look for our couches.  There are so many fun options out there!  IKEA has some super affordable and gorgeous pillow covers.  I saw this couch on Pinterest, featuring this bold and beautiful array of texture-filled pillows.  Texture is what I would like to aim for with the new covers and pillows.  What pillows inspire you?


3.   Small Town Festivals.  There is something so charming about small town festivities.  Last weekend Jake and I met some friends for dinner and were able to see the town’s Settler Days.  My friend and I braved the the scariest ride there:

Settler Days in Marengo


It was fun to experience the town’s community.  Small towns have an enchanting way of feeling relaxed and exciting all at once.  I will admit, I had to laugh…. I counted about five children running around with two-liters of pop.  You don’t see that very often 😉


4.   Winter Work Shoes.  What are dressy winter shoes?  I’ve been pondering just that this week as I nearly freeze every day in my tax training (don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful it’s cold, it keeps me awake).  But, my heels (sans socks) are just not cutting it.  Most tall boots are just not dress looking, so that leaves booties.  For whatever reason, I’m slightly intimidated by the popular shoes.  I know that is silly, but now I am thinking I need to get over that insecurity because they seem to be my only option for this winter.  Any suggestions or tips? 🙂

Banana Republic classic black #booties

5.   What Does the Fox Say.  It’s the weekend… so why not 😉


Happy weekend everyone! 🙂


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