Finding a *Signature* Style

Your signature is a unique representation of you.  Do you feel like you have a *signature* style?

Say one of your pinterest followers is browsing their feed, when they see a certain style of pin, do they know without out even looking that you pinned that pin?  It’s fun to have a certain look and vibe that is undoubtedly *you.*

A while back I did a post on what my unique style was.  It is so interesting to look back and see what I considered to be my style this time last year.  I have to say, while I still love all of those images, I would define my style very differently now.

In some ways, that kind of scares me… like am I just blown around by the latest trends, or am I fickle and can’t appreciate things very long before tiring of them?

But, I don’t think it’s quite that.  I think that decor preferences change for the season and setting of my life.  And that is perfectly ok.  Sometimes you have to listen to the house you’re in and ask how it wants to be decorated.

Now before you write me off as crazy, let me explain.  I love rustic warm woods and whites paired with sophisticated blacks.  But, does our 1986 builder basic house love them?  I’m just not so sure.

Suffice to say, my *signature* style right now is a reflection of my vision for where and who I am right now, and I love it.  Maybe someday we will build a beautiful white colonial barn house with old trim work and ship-lapped walls (and maybe I’ll even incorporate some of the color and glam I’m into right now).

But for right now… this is my *signature* style.  And I’m loving it.

Trying to figure out your own *signature* style?  Darlene over at Fieldstone Hill Design has a great post on how to do just that.  You should check it out!  And if you create your own styleboard, pin it and link in the comments, I’d love to check it out!!! 🙂

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