Favorite Pinterest Personalities

 Let’s just all be honest…. Pinterest is a wonderful and a terrible thing.  Never has there ever been such a vast and marvelous collection of beautiful pictures, thoughts, and ideas just waiting to be discovered.  Yet, at least for me, I can waste hours upon hours of my day, dreaming of things that I’d like to do… later.  But, the worst is when you’ve already seen everything in your feed and you have to resort to clicking through the general categories or (worse yet) ‘Everthing,’ to feed your insatiable need for more ‘pinspiration.’  I find that’s when most of my time is wasted viewing pins I’ve seen thousands of times (I told you, it’s an addiction…) hoping to see just one, or maybe two, ‘pin’ worthy pics.

Because of this, there was a period when I became disillusioned with Pinterest (shocking, I know.).  Since then I have discovered the secret to full Pinterest enjoyment with minimum guilt.  It’s all about the feed….

Wouldn’t you rather see a pinterest page full of enthralling images of everything you love, than have to scroll though tons of irrelevant pins to find one image that inspires you?

All you have to do, is follow the right people.  If you find people whose pins you consistently enjoy and who are frequent pinners, folks, you’ve struck gold. Follow them!  Immediately.  Keep track of people with similar interests and pins, look at people who repin you, and utilize the “Also Pinned to:” section right underneath your pins.  Did you know that on your profile it shows the three pinners you pin the most from?  You should definitely be following them!  These are all fool-proof ways to see more of what you love.

Now that I’ve shared this earth-shattering news with you…. I thought I would give you some of my favorite Pinterest Personalities.  These are the pinners I can always count on for fabulous content.  (Of course this list is just a small sample of who I follow, I enjoy every pinner I follow, and they all bring me joy through their pins!)  I would love to hear who your go-to pinners are, who you can always count on to fill your feed with inspiration.

 Favorite Pinterest Personalities


Abigail Klaus

This lady (who happens to be my best friend) has fabulous style.  She pins a mix of rustic, cottage chic, feminine, and glam.  And, she has a great eye for fashion and beauty.  My favorite boards of hers are My Style, and Home DecorFollow Abigail for sweet style inspiration and lovely decor and craft ideas!



Bethany from Dwellings by Devore

I love Bethany’s pins, this blogger/designer has an eye for glitz and glam.  I can always count on her for chic black and whites, sparkly golds and glitter, and a touch of whimsy here and there.  I also enjoy following her blog and seeing all of her latest home decor projects.  If you are itching to see more glam decor inspiration, follow Bethany.


Nicole Spears

My sister, Nicole, has such cute style.  I’m always excited to see her pins pop up on my feed.  Her pins are whimsical, and vintage, featuring pastels and neutrals.   I especially enjoy her My Style Pinboard, where she showcases her Anthropologie-esque fashion and love for polka dots!  Does your Pinterest need more whimsy and vintage flair?  Then follow Nicole!



Elizabeth Wheeler

This girl is a fellow blogger who I can always count on for quality pins.  She is totally classy and neutral, and gives the “Pottery Barn” look a unique spin.  Check out her blog here for more inspiration from Elizabeth!  Follow her on Pinterest and see more of those soothing neutrals, and rustic classics.


I would LOVE to hear who your favorite Pinterest personalities are, and how you get the stuff you love showing up on your feed!  And of course, if you feel so inclined you can follow me on Pinterest.  😉  Ta-ta for now!




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