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Ok, I feel like I need to disclaim this post… There are a plethora of stunning, amazing, out-of-this-world blogs in our little ole blogosphere. And I am slowly discovering more and more, but you know, there are just some blogs that keep you coming back again and again.

Today I want to share with you my favorite blogs and the unique reasons why I love each of them so much.  As a blogger myself, this exercise is fun and insightful to go through because it helps me realize what others might find valuable in my blog and how I can add even more value as I grow and learn.

In no particular order, my favoritest blogs…


The Little Green Notebook - One of my favorite blogs! | Mrs. Fancee

Jenny at Little Green Notebook is a designer and blogger with impeccable taste.  Her bold and ultra chic decorating choices inspire me to expand my design horizons embracing all things luxe and recognizing beauty in antique pieces.

The Little Green Notebook - One of my favorite blogs! | Mrs. Fancee

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Here you can see a small sampling of Jenny’s beautiful work.  She does a ton of DIY’s and they always come out looking so high-end and gorgeous.  My fear when DIYing is always that it might look DIYed 😉  But hers turn out perfect, so I look to her projects for inspiration.

Also, she sticks primarily home decor posts in her blog which I appreciate.  I do enjoy getting to the know the blogger’s behind the blog, but sometimes home diy/decor bloggers can start focusing on other topics more than my taste (especially with the recipe posts!).  Several years ago she and her family lived in a rental and even renovated that.  They stuck to a budget and it turned out amazing through Jenny’s resourcefulness.

I think the reasons I keep coming back to Little Green Notebook are because I know she has high style, her DIY’s are professional grade, and I know I will see home decor and diy posts there. 🙂


The Hunted Interior - One of my favorite blogs! | Mrs. Fancee

Kristin at The Hunted Interior has my favorite house in the history of EVER!  I mean every. single. detail. is. drop. dead. gorgeous.  I think in all the posts I read there has only been one choice I didn’t love.  That’s it.  Can I have her house?? Please??? 😉

The Hunted Interior - One of my favorite blogs! | Mrs. Fancee

All Pics from Summer 2014 Home Tour

I adore that she lives in a ‘real person’ sized house and she works on ‘real person’ sized budget.  It’s hard to follow bloggers or designers who oodles of money to spend on their home and 20+ foot ceiling to boot!  Her blog makes me feel like magazine-worthy decorating is actually attainable for a ‘real person’ in a ‘real sized house’ like me 🙂  I could talk hours about all the pieces she has incorporated and the rooms she has curated.

I come back to The Hunted Interior time and again because I know I will find style that will continue to blow me away! 🙂


The Newly Woodwards - One of my favorite blogs! | Mrs. Fancee

Kim at The Newly Woodwards speaks to me in a whole different way than the last two bloggers.  While I do enjoy her decorating, I primarily enjoy her blog for the lifestyle choices she and her family are making.  I admire her in so many ways!  First, they own several houses that they flipped in their spare time and now use them as income properties (talk about resourceful and awesome!).  Second, they recently sold their house to do a couple of amazing things that are now totally on my bucket list!  They bought land (a future dream of ours), built a barn on it out of an old barn, built an apartment in their barn to live in while they build their house on the land.  Whaa???  That is basically my exact dream life! 😉

The Newly Woodwards - One of my favorite blogs! | Mrs. Fancee

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I love the practical side of Kim’s posts: their IKEA finds, garage organization tips and tricks, and sympathy for living in a semi-construction zone, to name a few.

I keep coming back to The Newly Woodwards because Kim is so relatable and personal in her posts!  I feel a sense of kindredness in our shared love for barn living and I aspire to being going in a similar direction with my family someday down the road 🙂

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