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College Girl Fall Essentials | Mrs. Fancee

Fall is finally upon us! And that means stocking up on those ever so delightful fall essentials. My sister is a sophomore right now at the University of Illinois (known for their beautiful fall scenery). I asked her recently to share with me the top college girl fall essentials.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your college girl friend, or are in classes now and are wondering what are the college girl fall essentials to make your autumn more amazing, look no further.

6 College Girl Fall Essentials


The Swell water bottle is the hottest thing on campus right now but it can cost a pretty penny. Stay hydrated in style without breaking the bank with this insulated stainless water bottle.  It’s a swell look a like! Not only does it look super fly (are college kids saying that still? on fleek??), it’s super practical because it’s lightweight design. The last thing you need is more poundage in your book bag.



Puffer vests may be in their second season of popularity, but they are not on their way out. These vests are truly a college girl fall essential. There is nothing more aggravating than walking a mile to class, chilly and cool, then getting to an overheated classroom and sweating like a dog.  The puffer vest is truly the perfect solution.  Keep your core warm and let your arms breath.

This vest is just too adorable with it’s chic navy buffalo check.  It will keep you warm without adding bulk.  And how can you not love the versatility of those pockets?



Midterms may be be keeping you busy, but never get to busy to add a little touch of bling to your outfit.  This necklace is simple and perfect for fall.  And it will go with everything, don’t waste precious study timing trying to figure out what jewelry to wear.  Pick a fall staple an go!


Look, sometimes it just sucks to lug your coffee mug around with you all day.  To-go cups may not be the most green approach but sometimes they are just plain practical. Save a little money and buy your own to go cups rather than stopping for coffee on the way to class.

These to-go cups are hands down the most adorable disposable glasses I have ever seen. Without a doubt, they’re a college girl fall essential.


Is the sound of a caramel vanilla latte still calling your name from the local coffee shop? Fear not, you can be your own barista. If you love latte’s like I do, these items will be an investment in your coffee drinking life.

Up the quality of your college life without breaking the bank and invest in a frother. Sometimes it’s the little things that go the extra mile to bring a little more cheer into our lives! And while your at it, don’t forget to treat yourself with a flavored coffee syrup, or two!


According to my sis, at the end of a long week, you have to give credit it what keeps you functioning. Embrace this fun stage of life, and let yourself laugh at some its insanity.

These college girl fall essentials make great gifts for that special collegiate gal in your life, or a nice treat for yourself as you head into midterms! What other items would you add to the list?

What every college girl needs this fall | Mrs. Fancee

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