Christmas Card Design Tips

A very Merry Christmas to you this morning! I hope Santa left some goodies in your stockings this year ūüėČ We are enjoying a whole week of Christmas and are in the middle of a family Christmas tour! ¬†I thought I’d pop in and share our holiday¬†cards with you, along with a few tips for designing your own cards and printables.

christmas card 2014

Good typography will take an every day run-of-the-mill Christmas card and make it look designer.  A few simple tips can take your Christmas card type from blah to stellar!

  • Pick 2-3 fonts for maximum impact. ¬†Too many more than this will look overwhelming and unprofessional.
  • Combine a San-Serif font with a Serif or Cursive font. (if you don’t know the difference, read here) ¬†This will create a nice contrast between your words and help you find a pairing that is complementary.
  • Make one (or several) words larger and more emphasized than others. ¬†This takes your card from looking like a nice homemade greeting card, to looking designer worthy.
  • Don’t use comic sans, times new roman, papyrus, or any other of the standard boring Microsoft Word fonts. ¬†Look around and try out some new and fun fonts!
  • Play with the spacing of letters. ¬†Adding more space between characters will definitely give your cards a ‘designed’ feel and a fun, sophisticated look.

I hope you found these typography tips helpful! ¬†Thanks for stopping by and Merry, Merry Christmas ūüôā

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