Chalkboard Wedding Menu {free template}

In addition to the chalkboard seating chart, I also created this chalkboard menu for our wedding to display behind the buffet tables.  I had a lot of fun playing with fonts and thought it was a neat way to share with everyone what they would be served and by whom.

The food was SOOOO good, just looking at this reminds me of it 😉

Like my seating chart, I also had this faux chalkboard printed as a Staples engineer print.  When I got it, I simply wrapped and taped it around a large piece of cardboard and voila!  Instant chalkboard menu 🙂

The menu and border graphics are from the Graphics Fairy.

Chalkboard Menu and template | Mrs. Fancee

I created it similarly to the seating chart, in Microsoft Word.  But this one was a little simpler because, instead of messing around with character spacing, I just used Word Art and sized each box manually to the perfect size.  That way the text automatically conforms to the shape you want it.  And, it’s much easier for you to change and customize with your menu!

Download Instructions

1. These fonts are used in the document, you will need to download and install them to preserve the formatting of the template: (sorry there are so many, they are all just so fun!  And don’t worry, they are super quick and easy to install.)

2. Click below to download the menu template:

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3. To customize you may click in each WordArt box and enter your own text.  The words will conform to the shape of the box, making formatting much easier.  Adjust the shape of the boxes as you like for your text.

4. Adding graphics:  see my notes on adding images to the chalkboard background in this post. (Under instruction #4)

Chalkboard Wedding Menu Template ~ download and customize for free | Mrs. Fancee


    1. Oh how fun! 🙂 I got mine printed at Staples as an engineer print. If you save it as a pdf they will blow it up and print a large version for pretty cheap.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that! Are you using a Mac, or a Word Processor (not the actual Microsoft Word program)? Either of those could be causing the issue.

  1. did you get a special engineer print done from staples? I just picked mine up from there and the background is VERY light, closer to a grey than a chalkboard look 🙁

    1. Hi Cara, I just got a regular engineer print 2×4 foot. That is very strange it turned out so light, is it that color in your Word template? I would ask the photo-copy center at Staples what happened. They should be able to see that the print doesn’t match the word doc.

  2. Hi Mrs Francee, I am from the Philippines, and I am an owner of a small restaurant. I hope I could use the tips you gave for my chalk board menu. Thanks a lot!

  3. This is beautiful! Which font did you use for the word “Menu”? I’ve been on the hunt for that font for almost a year now. It’s very similar to Neil Young’s Harvest album font.

  4. Hi, I have downloaded the template on both my Mac and my Dell, and on both the words in some boxes overlap with the words in other boxes. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

    1. Hi Maria, This could be because the fonts aren’t all downloaded. But, whenever you personalize the menu you may need to re-size the boxes anyway to accommodate for your content.

  5. Hi! Thais is fantastic. Thanks so much! Just wondering… when I open it in word it doesn’t not take up the whole page ie. there is a lot of black around the edge. Is that right?

  6. Help! I don’t see where to download the Menu Template…… Step 2 says to click below, but I think the link is missing.

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