A Chair Transformation

fennel chair transformation (1)

Last week I visited my bestie, Abigail, and we transformed her wingback chair from brown and stripedy to be a fun and beautiful statement piece for her and her husband’s new home.  They just closed on their first home (just like us!) a few months ago and are doing an amazing job transforming it into a welcoming and beautiful space!  In fact, I’m hoping she’ll let me share some pics of it once they’re done. 😉

fennel chair transformation (2)

Abigail received this chair from her parents and loved the lines, but knew she wanted to change the fabric to be a color and pattern that reflected the style of their living room.  She found an amazing deal on some upholstery fabric at Joann’s and I think it is such a fun and beautiful pattern!

fennel chair transformation (3)

Instead of removing all the current upholstery, we decided to save ourselves a ton of work and just staple over it.  The fabric she bought was thick enough that the brown stripes don’t show through.  We started with the upper arms and then upholstered the back.

fennel chair transformation (4)

The process was a little tricky since we were working with limited fabric (Abigail bought all that was left, since the roll was on clearance).  But, we were able to make it work with some creative thinking.  She used a tan color for the back that worked out great.

fennel chair transformation (5)

Reupholstering this chair with her was so fun!  And I just love how it turned out and the way it goes with the space 🙂  Now I have the reupholstery itch… I need to reupholster another piece!!!


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