Weekend Progress!

Right now, progress looks like…. An empty bathroom prepped for tile. An assembled vanity in the living room. Three ceiling light boxes installed waiting for lights. Two bedrooms mostly painted. Painted den windows.. with excessive tape residue leftover. A makeshift worktable in the dining room. Can we just have an honest moment here?  Sometimes looking […]

Half Bath Plans

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope your weekend was fabulous! We struck a nice balance with a relaxing low-key Saturday and a productive Sunday. One of the productive items we accomplished was picking out a half bath vanity. Hooray, so exciting!! Now, you may be confused if you read our master plan because tackling the half […]

Furniture Mock-Up

Now that we have some paint on our walls, I am just itching to start decorating!  (Even though I know we have some more major projects to complete before that happens)  In the meantime though… why not satisfy the decorating itch with a room mock-up? It looks pretty stellar, right??  I incorporated a blue velvet […]

Den Painted

We have paint!!!  It may have seemed like we would never get there (at least it seemed that way to me), but we’ve made it.  We finally have a gorgeously moody, glossy, paneled room.  And it feels so good. Although we’re far from done in here, I just want to take a moment and appreciate […]