Cakes and Sweets!

We provided sugar overload at our wedding last April… Not only did we have an entire table of buttercream cakes, we had another table full of chocolates and sweets!

Here is our cakes table.  They are all buttercream, four layer, single tiered cakes except our bride and groom cake which was a smaller two-tiered version.  Apples Bakery did a fantastic job, they were so sweet and delicious!

Strawberry Cake | Mrs. Fancee

I just love the little details they did on the cakes like this strawberry topped one.

Kissing Deer Cake Topper | Mrs. Fancee

I knew we were going to have to incorporate deer into the wedding somehow…  Well here it is: I bought these adorable kissing salt and pepper shakers off Ebay.  Mr. Fancee loved them 🙂

Kissing Deer Cake Topper | Mrs. Fancee

And here they are again, because I know you love them as much as I do 😉

Cake Table | Mrs. Fancee

Mmmm, cake….. 🙂

Wedding Sweets Table | Mrs. Fancee

Here is our sweets table, quite a large project, but oh, so worth it!  My mom spearheaded the sweets table for us, making sure everything turned out perfect 🙂  The shutters decorated with pictures of Mr. Fancee and I was her idea, along with the cupcake tower featuring TONS of chocolate covered strawberries!  Mmmmmmm…. 🙂 Basically this entire table was her creation with the loving help of lots of family and friends.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tower | Mrs. Fancee

Aren’t the frogs just so stinkin’ cute?  We actually just had them around the house; my sister had used them as decor for her 4-H cake decorating.  Check out that pink glitter ribbon!  Mom glued that around the cupcake stand to jazz it up, and I think it really makes those chocolate covered strawberries pop.  My aunts and cousins spent the morning of the wedding dipping ALL of those strawberries!

Sweets Table Peppermint Bark | Mrs. Fancee

While planning the sweets table, my mom heard about a Fannie Mae outlet.  She went there and ended up scoring tons of yummy candies for unbelievable prices and made them even prettier by drizzling some of them with our colors!

Wedding Sweets Table | Mrs. Fancee

We collected white dishes and milk glass to display the food on both tables.  Also, I made little labels for everything and had them printed on our leftover Kraft paper.

Ribbon Banner | Mrs. Fancee

I made these ribbon banners for both tables with scrap fabric and twine.

In an effort to prevent people from eating all the sweets before dinner, I made a nice little sign that said sweets table opens at 7pm.  Well, I gotta love Mr. Fancee’s college buddies… at quarter ’til, an entire line of college guys formed at the sweets table where they waited patiently until exactly 7 p.m. 🙂  Boys are too funny!


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