2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the College Gal

Find the perfect gift for the college girl in your life with this 2016 holiday gift guide for the college gal | Mrs. Fancee

Believe it or not, the Christmas season is upon us and it is time to start stocking up on gifts!  This year I thought it might be fun to share a 2016 Holiday Gift Guide featuring my favorite Etsy finds. And today’s edition is all about Christmas gifts for the college chick!

I chose from Etsy items because sometimes I just get tired of all the big-box stores and their same-old same-old stock.  It’s nice to get something, personalized, handmade, or unique as a gift and that is exactly what you get on Etsy! Plus who doesn’t like supporting small business?

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Find the perfect gift for the college girl in your life with this 2016 holiday gift guide for the college gal | Mrs. Fancee

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Alright, let’s talk about my favorite Etsy gifts for the college girl in your life:

1. Polka-dot Leather Luggage Tags

I love these sweet leather polka-dot luggage tags for a college gal! She is just entering that stage of independence where she’ll start doing her own traveling. What a perfect way to acknowledge and commemorate the newfound wanderlust than with an adorable polka-dot leather luggage tag?

2. Gold Geometric Hair Clip

Sometimes in college, you just have to throw your hair back and book it to class.  I adore this simple circle hair clip because it takes a messy look and makes it look oh so refined! This is a perfect gift for the college girl in your life who likes to be pretty even when life isn’t.

3. Large Initial Necklace

These sweet initial necklaces are such a fun take on the ‘wear-your-first-initial’ trend. They are fun and a little quirky but still simple and classy. Perfect for that preppy collegiate you know who likes to sport some bling.  Heck… I even kinda want this!

4. Knit Beanie with a Pom Pom

It gets real cold walking to class every day, so your college gal needs a nice and warm hat. This one is too cute and has a pom on top! Get it in her school colors and she is guaranteed to love this fuzzy Christmas gift.

5. Mermaid Tail Blanket

On those cold late nights of studying, your college gal is going to want a blanket to keep nice and warm.  How cute and fun is this mermaid blanket?  She is guaranteed to love this unique gift and her room mates will definitely be jealous of her snuggly ‘scales’!

6. Hair Tie Bracelet Cuff

This bracelet is an absolute must for every college girl! They will always have a hairtie handy and remain fashionable at the same time.  I don’t know about you, but wearing hairties on my wrist literally cuts off my circulation… This bracelet would reduce that wrist pressure and ensure you always have that necessity handy!

7. Wool Knitted Slippers

When lounging around the dorm, your college gal can have warm tootsies at all times with these hand knitted slippers. These come from the rural villages of Bulgaria and showcase the softest wool!  Who wouldn’t want these to lounge around in?

8. Rose Gold and Crystal Flash Drive

When I saw this, I was like YES! finally a glamorous flash drive… this is so perfect for the classy college lady in your life and would make a great stocking stuffer.  I love the rose gold on this flash drive, but what really gets me is the lucite handle…. in love!!!

9. Leather Card Case

On those nights on the town, the last thing a college girl needs is a bulky purse or wallet holding her down.  Minimal is best for a college girl’s night on the town, and this card case is just that.  It’s so beautiful with it’s leather construction and metallic coloring!  The perfect gift for your college gal.


If you’re looking for even more unique and fun gift suggestions, check out the Editor’s Picks over on Etsy!

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