2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Bachelor

Find the perfect gift for the bachelor man in your life with this 2016 holiday gift guide for the bachelor guy | Mrs. Fancee

Welcome to the second edition of this year’s holiday gift guide! I’m sharing my favorite Etsy finds to help you get your Christmas gifts picked out. This guide is for that special bachelor man in your life.  And goodness knows, they can be tough to shop for!

My brother falls into this category so as I went through and picked out my recommendations I had him in mind.  I tried to only pick practical gifts that a bachelor guy would appreciate.  And sometimes that means they need someone to buy them the thing that they just don’t buy themselves… like soap.

I chose items from Etsy since the same-old same-old you see at the big-box stores just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Even those bachelor guys like to know that you care with a handmade or personalized gift just for them. And, it’s always nice to support small businesses represented on Etsy at the same time.

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Find the perfect gift for the bachelor man in your life with this 2016 holiday gift guide for the bachelor guy | Mrs. Fancee

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Alright, let’s talk about my favorite Etsy gifts for the guy who’s a bachelor in your life:

1. Star Wars Death Star Planter

Ummm… how amazing is this death star concrete planter?  This is THE perfect addition to a bachelor pad.  Look, guys like plants too, they’re homey.  But without a lady in his life, this bachelor of yours likely is too lazy to get himself a plant of his own.  Now he can proudly display plants with this fun and manly concrete Star Wars planter.

2. Monogrammed Travel Bag

Have you seen your bachelor show up to the holidays with his toiletries in zip lock bag?!? If so, you might want to buy him a travel bag.  This one is affordable and made with durable canvas and leather. Plus you can get it monogrammed for him so no one can steal his toothpaste….

3. Wooden Docking Station

Help your bachelor get organized this holiday season with a custom wooden docking station.  Every guy needs one central location to store their essentials like keys, wallet, phone, and sunglasses.  They don’t have purses… so this docking station is a great alternative and will be a great addition to his bachelor pad.

4. Pizza Men’s Sweatshirt

Because a bachelor gets cold too.  What better way to embrace his current state of bachelor-hood than this pizza sweatshirt.  It’s a win all the way around.

5. Christmas Coal Soap

Well, when you’re gifting to a bachelor, sometimes you just have to add some humor factor.  They will get a kick out of this Christmas coal soap.. and simultaneously be very grateful because they are probably out.  This makes a great stocking stuffer idea as well.

6. Leather Smartphone Bracelet and Stand

The bachelor you’re gifting to will appreciate the practicality of this leather bracelet.  Wear it on the go, and use as a smartphone stand whenever needed.  I can think of many times when I wished I had something to prop my phone up with.  The bachelor in your life will love the thoughtfulness and uniqueness of this gift.

7. Men’s Wooden Watch

A wood watch is the ultimate man’s watch and a perfect gift for the bachelor in your life this Christmas season. Watches to guys are like shoes to women, you just can’t have enough. So consider expanding your guy’s watch collection with this ultra-cool wooden watch.

8. Leather Cord Organizer

This leather cord organizer is perfect for the man-on-the-go. It’s a rustic way to keep his earbuds from tangling. Sometimes, we have to introduce the bachelors we know to the little luxuries in life. In this case, it’s tangle-free cords via ultra-cool leather.

9. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

This tabletop glass fireplace will add a sophisticated warmth to your bachelor’s pad.  Bachelor or not, he still wants his place to look party-ready.  This will add some ambiance to your guy’s home. Plus this is a recipe for instant s’mores… yes, please!


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