This is one of those posts that I can never figure out how to begin.  I have so many thoughts and feelings on thankfulness.  I have been blessed so incredibly it’s beyond my comprehension.  All I can say is that I am so grateful for my Savior. Family. and Friends.  I am overwhelmed when I think of all the love, care, and generosity that has been poured over me. There is no way I could possibly list all my blessings, but I would like to highlight a few that I have been especially thankful for lately.


There are no words for the amount of unconditional love that I have received this year from those dear to me.  I see it manifested in many different ways: people who support me no matter what, people who generously lend a hand, people who go out of their way to smile at me, people who offer me grace when I have been a fool, and people who are always there for me.  I am so grateful for the love I’ve received this year.


Many know shalom to be a Hebrew term for piece.  This is true, but there is a much deeper meaning behind it.  Shalom speaks of a sense of well-being both within and without; it is about a sense of wholeness or completeness in a situation.  This year I have felt God restore shalom in many areas of my life.  Although I have failed HIm every single day, He graciously has allowed me to experience a sense of shalom in my relationships, in my location, in who I am, and in who others are to me.  Ah, I am thankful for this release of tension and the calm that has surrounded me this year.


I often marvel at where I am in life right now.  I feel blessed beyond imagination that I am only in my early twenties and already it seems all my dreams have come true. (wow, sorry this post is sounding so cheesy!  just trying to convey how I’m feeling tho, so I guess I’m just cheesy ;) )  But, the most beautiful part is the hope for even more dreams.  I dream of many things (and only God knows which will come to be), but not only am I extremely grateful for dreams realized, I am equally thankful for dreams that have yet to be as they keep me excited, energized, and marching on!

There are many dreams I have, and that will be for another day and another post.  But I just wanted to give you a sneak peak into one that I have been focusing on and working towards lately.


This snippet is from a blog theme I coded and designed myself for  I’m hoping the official reveal will be in the next several weeks as I make the final tweaks.  The past several months I’ve been learning as much as I can about HTML, PHP, and CSS in order to build this new website design to exactly how I envisioned it.  This is all an itty bitty part of a dream that I have.  I want to be an entrepreneur and a business owner.  I want to be a professional designer and blogger.

As I’ve been working these past several months and gaining knowledge and experience, I am thankful for how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come.  And I am thankful (and excited!) for my hopes ahead.

Wishing you all Shalom this holiday!  And be looking soon for the grand blog design reveal ;)

Guest Bedroom Mockup

Guest Bedroom Mock-up with Irish Mist by Behr, Anthropologie Esperanza quilt, upholstered headboard, pom poms, and a gallery wall  |  Mrs Fancee

Because I’m perpetually planning 500 steps ahead… I have recently put together the guest bedroom mockup and inspiration board. Right now, my order of focus is (1) finishing the half bath which is already planned and set to go, (2) adding baseboard to the first floor to complete the flooring for now, (3) finding a sectional for the den which will allow me to settle in on a decorating scheme, (4) decorate the den, and (5) decorate and furnish the guest bedroom.

Ok, so actually upstairs flooring should probably happen before any furnishing of the guest bedroom occurs…. But, I found a vision for the space which means, however unnecessarily early, I want to plan it out! ;)

The inspiration for the room came entirely from one picture and some pompom ribbon I have at home that I bought years ago.  The pompoms are a bright and fun turquoise!  I knew I had to use them somewhere and the guest bedroom seemed the perfect fit.  I want it to be calm and restful with a nod to bright and whimsical.  Once I thought of lining the curtains with the pompoms, I knew I found my perfect use for them.

turquoise pom poms  |  Mrs. Fancee


This is my all. time. favorite. ever. bedroom.  I mean this is some true Sarah Richardson genius, folks!  It’s so very soothing yet still highlights some fun colors to keep the mood light.  Elements that I totally want to copy: flanking nightstands in a neutral color (or bright, who knows?), white trim accent wall around the bed, and a fun and neutral upholstered headboard.

sarah richardson sarah house 4 master bedroom green stripe headboard |  guest bedroom inspo


The color on the walls of the mock up is Irish Mist by Behr which is what we recently painted it.  You also may have noticed I included the Anthropologie Esperanza quilt (which we currently have on our bed) as the comforter.  I absolutely love it still and am not sure I want to let it out of the master just yet, but I do think it goes perfectly with the theme I’m going for in the guest bed.  So this board is helping me visualize that option :)

Other elements I included in the mood board above are some colorful pillows, matching lamps, a little art gallery, and a coat rack.  I’ve listed the sources for the items in my mood board below in case you want to check any of them out.  Most came from One Kings Lane, in my opinion, the most beautiful curation of home decor on the web (and possibly the most expensive too….).  I’ve never bought anything there, but I find it very useful for inspiration!

Upholstered bed  |  Pom Pom Curtains  |  Art Gallery  |  Coat Rack  |  Pendant Light  |  Lamps  |  Nightstands  |  Quilt  |  Blue Pillows  |  Green Pillows  |  Red Pillow

The Master Project List | November 2014

Alright, you guessed it!  It’s time to revisit our master schedule and see how the projects are coming along.  Now, originally we scheduled out our planned projects on a monthly basis.  When I went to take a look at it, I’m not going to lie, it was eye-opening .  We’re not terribly ‘behind’ per say, but things are definitely taking longer than anticipated (which is more the rule than the exception, I’m learning).

When I went to update it for what we’ve done and have yet to do and re-schedule out some projects, it just didn’t feel right.  We pretty much work on things as we decide we want to and are able, so it’s silly to try and over-exert ourselves because we scheduled something to be done.  Also, we’ve done some re-arranging on the order of things.  For instance, we started the half bath reno (which wasn’t scheduled to begin until May 2015).  And we may push off kitchen plans until some other rooms are more completed.

When re-thinking this schedule, I decided it made more sense for our renovation process and my well-being to create a by-room to-do list rather than a month-by-month projection.  I kept it high level on projects that are still pretty far out and added more in-depth details on rooms that I have a clearer vision for.  So, without further ado, our November Master Project List.

Whole House

  • Prep for flooring
  • Install flooring on first level
  • Install baseboard on first level
  • Install flooring on second level
  • Install baseboard on second level
  • Upgrade door trim
  • Upgrade window trim


Half Bath

  • Tile in marble subway tile
  • Paint/stencil in imperial trellis pattern
  • Add board and batten
  • Install vanity
  • Install toilet
  • Add mirror
  • Add light fixture
  • Install bathroom fixtures (toilet paper holder/towel ring)

Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom

  • Install overhead lighting
  • Paint
  • Paint windows
  • Add crown molding

Office Bedroom


  • Install flooring on stairs
  • Install toekicks and trim
  • Paint
  • Paint balusters
  • Update upstairs lights
  • Update first floor lights
  • Add art/decor


  • Knock down wall and bulkhead
  • Move gas line
  • Install cabinets
  • Install appliances
  • Install countertop and sink
  • Paint
  • Install hardware
  • Add backsplash
  • Add bar stools
  • Update light fixtures

Living Room

  • Add furniture
  • Add crown molding (?)
  • Add couch
  • Add chairs/benches/side tables
  • Add lamp lighting
  • Paint
  • Trim out entrance
  • Add art/decor

Dining Room

  • Refinish curbside table
  • Paint
  • Paint windows
  • Floor
  • Baseboard
  • Art/Decor

Full Bath

  • Replace tub base
  • Tile shower surround
  • Tile floor
  • Paint
  • Install vanity
  • Install toilet
  • Install mirror & light fixture
  • Install bathroom fixtures (towel bar/toilet paper holder/storage shelves?)

It’s fun to see some items being checked off the list already.  I think the hardest part sometimes is just getting started.  Once the ball is rolling on a few projects you finally feel like you are getting somewhere and there is a end goal in sight :)  Hopefully we’ll be able to check off a few more of these items by the end of the month!  And with this format, I won’t be scared to check in every month with y’all and discuss our progress.  Are you more of a time based scheduler or a to-do-list maker?

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