A Few Favorites for Friday

This week we’ve been taking a breather and haven’t made much house progress… which has been good for us, but means I have no fun pictures to show you!  So I thought we’d do a little throwback to Friday Five (it’s been a while since the last one!) and do a feature post on what I’ve been loving on the blogosphere lately.

Ready for Halloween yet?  If I was dressing up I would most definitely don this cute DIY costume.  How fun is this ice cream cone attire from Kelly at Studio DIY?? :)  But seriously, I love it!!!

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume


Since we’re talking Halloween…. normally, I do not like Halloween decorations (except pumpkins but those can be classified under fall), but this pineapple jack-o-lantern by Victoria at A Subtle Revelry just tickles me! I mean how funky and cute right??  Confession ~ I bought a pineapple last week to try this on… but first my cat chewed all the leaves up, then I left it too long and it imploded a juicy mess all over the counter.  Sad, sad pineapple… So I will just admire this one from the screen, who knows, there is always next year??

Pineapple Jack-o-lantern


I am in LOVE with this new Target task lamp (that I pinned recently).  The brass and clean lines make it look so high end!!  I think it would be pretty as a floor lamp too.  I’ve seen several big bloggers featuring it lately, it seems everyone is in love!

Cozy Nook


Let’s talk layers… They are the key to a good haircut, but just how should you ask for them to be done?  I read this article on the Beauty Department recently that walks through different hair types and what layers are best suited for them.  I read Part II for curly hair, but Part I is very informative too for if you have straighter hair.


Happy weekend everyone!  It is supposed to be in the 70’s here in Chicago-land so I plan to enjoy this rare piece of sun and warm in late October.  :)


Weekend Progress!

Right now, progress looks like….

An empty bathroom prepped for tile.
An assembled vanity in the living room.
Three ceiling light boxes installed waiting for lights.
Two bedrooms mostly painted.
Painted den windows.. with excessive tape residue leftover.
A makeshift worktable in the dining room.

Can we just have an honest moment here?  Sometimes looking at all the projects we’ve started causes a slight tightening of the throat reaction inside me.  Like, are we ever going to finish anything?  It feels like we’re knee deep in a gazillion projects and just about every room in the house is covered in fine spackle dust.

Though I’m pining to have the satisfaction of one room being finished, this process is teaching me the importance of patience and contentment.  Each time we work on one of the many projects that are currently happening around the house, I have to remind myself to breathe and just enjoy the process.

I know different people find joy in different parts of a process; some in the planning, some in the doing, and others in the finished product.  It’s most natural for me to dwell in the planning stage, and sometimes I struggle executing, and I always struggle finishing!  Right now though, we are in the ‘doing’ phase in most projects.  That means no more planning until the projects at hand are completed.

But, at the end of the day, amiss all the dust and tools and random toilets in our dining room…. I’m working on projects with Jake, and that’s fun.  They may almost always go wrong at some point, but we figure them out together.  And through this process we’re learning to work better together and enjoy ourselves along the way.

As we were driving home from church on Sunday, we spotted an entire dining set curbside in our neighborhood.  We picked it up and it turned out to be an incredibly solid set!  Although we have no dining room to put it in at the moment (our is currently acting as flooring storage and acting workstation) it brought a break from the more ‘structural’ house projects at hand.  It’s always a thrill to find something neat for free!!

free arts and crafts table

I really like the clean lines and sturdiness of the wood.  I’m thinking of refinishing the top in a lighter color that emphasizes the grain and maybe painting the chairs navy and reupholstering.  The only thing I’m not sold on is the base.. so maybe we can make some simple legs for it, we will see :)

So thanks to this curbside find I got a little dose of creative planning in between all the project ‘doing’ this weekend.  Do you find you have similar struggles enjoying every part of the process?  Any tips on savoring it all are appreciated :)

Flashback to Summer and Flowers

Boy this week has been so rainy and dreary here in Chicagoland! Don’t get me wrong, I’m as much a fall-lover as the next one… But this wet and cold has me pining for summer again.  I was going through my phone pics over the past year and found a few that brought back the bright sunniness of summer.

summerhostas (2)

In June I went a community garden walk and got to see some amazing landscaping!  Before I saw this beautiful vignette, I thought I disliked hostas.  They just seem like a plant that everyone has, like the ‘builder-grade’ of the garden world, if you will.  But in this garden they were arranged with some pops of red and each in their own pots.  I love it!  Maybe someday I’ll get some big pots to put hostas in on our deck :)

summerhostas (3)

Another favorite of mine was this sweet little container.  Truthfully, I have no idea what either of those plants are, I’m sure my grandma and aunt knew though!  I think the peachy flowers with the olive green makes for such a whimsical vignette!

summerhostas (1)


And finally, another trend I’ve been noticing lately is to use cabbages as late summer/fall landscaping.  I think it’s so fun and out of the box!  Would you ever do this?  They do have a unique shape and fun color, I could see myself trying this in the future :)

summerhostas (4)


Well I hope these summer blooms and greens brought some sunshine to your day.  I know they brightened mine :)  Until next time!


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